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There’s nothing more refreshingy than a glass of healthy alkaline water. Gotten fresh from a home water ionizer, alkaline water has high negative ORP and a higher pH than plain water. Drinking alkaline water straight from the water ionizer is always best because the beneficial qualities of the water are affected by things like: heat, light, movement, and exposure to air.

Alkaline water won’t “keep” unless it’s stored properly The antioxidant power in alkaline water can decline in as little as 24 hours without proper storage, and pH levels would fall in about three days. Stored properly, alkaline water can maintain high potency for about a week.

Alkaline Water Storage Tips

You can maintain the potency of your alkaline water if you use the following tips:


  • Choose a non-reactive material when selecting a water storage container. Avoid metal, aluminum and plastic, unless the plastic is known to be BPA-free. Glass is always the best choice for water storage.
  • Fill storage container up to the top, thus limiting the water’s exposure to air.
  • Store the container in a cool, dimly lit location. Avoid exposing the water to heat and sunlight.
  • Drink stored water within 72 hours for optimal quality and freshness.
  • Refrigerate or freeze immediately

Don’t store alkaline water next to acidic water! Keep in mind that water made by your ionizer has an electrical charge. Alkaline water has a negative charge, and acidic water has a positive charge. The charge, is referred to as Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

Keep alkaline water refrigerated – or frozen

Refrigeration or freezing helps maintain the potency of alkaline water. The water should be put in a sealed container, and chilled immediately after it is made. Glass containers are best for storing ionized water, but plastic will do if that’s all you have.

Containers make a difference

The type of container you use to store ionized water has an impact on how long the potency of the water will last. There are specially designed containers for storing alkaline water, and testing shows that they work great!

The Water for Life™ water bottle has been shown to preserve the pH and ORP levels of alkaline water for 33% longer than any other type of container! The secret to the effectiveness of the Water for Life™ bottle is the special resin used to line it. The lining of the Water for Life™ bottle simply prevents the ionizing charge in the water from escaping. Of course, the lining of the Water for Life™ is BPA-Free.

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