Alkaline Water Benefits for Athletes

Pro athletes have long known that there are advantages to alkalizing the body. Alkaline water benefits for athletes have been documented in two different studies. One study shows that alkaline water can hydrate better than plain water. The second study shows that – when mixed with an electrolyte – alkaline water becomes a potent sports performance beverage. In fact, combining alkaline water with electrolytes gives you such a huge performance boost that my wife nicknamed it Gatorcrack!

Alkaline Water Benefits for Athletes: Hydration


Better hydration = better performance

One of the main alkaline  water benefits for athletes is improved hydration: A study conducted on the effects of a water alkalizing supplement shows that hydrate mineral-rich alkaline water can hydrate better than plain water. It helps the body rehydrate faster after exercise. The study evaluated the effect of a simulated bicycle workout on a group of cyclists, and found that the cyclists who drank alkaline water reported that the exercise felt less strenuous than it did when they drank plain water.

After the workout, researchers measured how much water each cyclist lost during the workout. They then monitored how much water each cyclist had to drink to restore them to their pre-workout level of hydration. The cyclists that drank alkaline water retained more of their water, and re-hydrated faster.

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Alkaline Water and Electrolytes = Gator-crack!

Alkaline water alone makes a measurable difference in your workout intensity. But another one of the alkaline water benefits for athletes comes when you mix it with a powdered electrolyte. Research conducted in San Diego (home of Life Ionizers) reveals that alkaline water mixed with an electrolyte – for example powdered Gatorade drink mix – becomes a potent sports beverage. The study compared the effects of electrolytes mixed in plain water to electrolytes mixed with alkaline water – and there was a huge difference.

When enhanced with alkaline water, study subjects reported that they had a lot more endurance. Their performance was compared to drinking electrolytes mixed with plain water. the subjects in this study were able to work out harder and longer when drinking electrolytes mixed with alkaline water Their performance was significantly greater than it was with electrolytes mixed with plain water.

Author’s note: I train in mixed martial arts at high intensity. Gatorcrack has allowed me to push harder than I ever thought I could. Imagine: Being able to throw 300 hard punches in less than 10 minutes! Now imagine being able to do that at 53 years of age!

Alkaline Water and Professional Cyclists

With solid research backing the benefits of alkaline water for cyclists, it begs the question: Are any professional cyclists using alkaline water? The answer is: You Betcha!

Life Ionizers is endorsed by 5 time national champion Dotsie Bausch who swears by alkaline water for hydration:

“Drinking alkaline water over the past month has greatly increased my hydration at the cellular level. I had a hydration saturation test done pre and post alkaline water consumption and the numbers don’t lie. I love my Life Ionizer and alkaline water! Thanks so much!”

Her brother Kirk Bausch, also drinks alkaline water and swears by it.

Want to know how easy it is to add alkaline water by Life Ionizers to your workout? Call us today at 877-959-7977.



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