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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Kangen Healing Water: Is it for real?

Is Kangen healing water for real? Enagic corporation, the maker of the Kangen machine, says No! Enagic forbids it’s sales people from making health claims. Any Kangen water sales person you hear making health claims for Kangen water is committing a fraud.
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Kangen Water Side Effects

Kangen water can cause side effects, but they are mild and usually do away within two weeks. But more severe side effects can occur if you use Kangen’s calcium glycerophosphate additive
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What Ionized Water is used for

Ionized water has many uses. Ionized alkaline water is good for your health. Ionized acidic water is amazing rinse for hair and skin. Strongly ionized waters are used for sanitation and can replace many of the chemicals used in your home,
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How the Kangen Water Machine Works

The Kangen Water machine works by splitting the alkaline minerals from the acidic substances in tap water. It makes water alkaline and antioxidant. At the same time, the Kangen machine makes acidic water, because water ionizers must make both alkaline and acidic waters at the same time due to the chemistry and physics involved.
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Why Choose Life Ionizers®?

Why Choose Life Ionizers®? for your home or office? Because when it comes to your health, the purity and the quality of the alkaline hydrogen water you drink matters. Many ask “Why Choose Life Ionizers®?”
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Kangen Water Machine Scams on Amazon and eBay

Buy a used Kangen Water machine and you could get sued, investigated by the police, and Enagic could refuse to service your machine. These are just a few of the potential penalties that you might face if you buy a used Kangen machine on eBay or Amazon
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Does Kangen Water Contain Fluoride?

Does Kangen Water Contain Fluoride by Water Ionizers If there is fluoride in your water supply, then your kangen water® will contain fluoride. Fluoride removal requires a special filter that Enagic® Kangen does not have.
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