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Kangen Vs Life Ionizers – The FACTS

So a friend told you about Kangen Water…Here’s Kangen Vs Life Ionizers – The FACTS

Want to compare Kangen to Life Ionizers? Here are the facts in an informative 3 minute video. By the end of this video, you’ll be able to compare Life to Kangen side by side and see for yourself which brand gives you the most for your money.

Ok, so your friend told you about Kangen water?

-Let’s just call her Amy.  She lives down the street or goes to the same yoga class as you or maybe you both have pugs…

Besides the point, but…

She told you all about the amazing Kangen water and all about the benefits.

You were just about to buy one…

When it dawned on you…

“Wait, maybe I should research this just a bit before spending my hard earned cash…”

But then you got the facts…

As a smart savvy consumer, you turned your magnifying glass to the internet and found out what Amy isn’t telling you.

Every time Amy sells a unit to one of her friends, she will receive a commission AND so will seven other people down the line.

As the payments are structured, this type of arrangement is called a pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing.

So that huge price tag doesn’t pay for a better product, but instead, you hand out your hard earned cash to those eight other people, right down the steps of the Kangen pyramid.

Ah – ha!  Now it’s becoming more clear…

But wait…

Amy claims that the Enagic unit is the only device on the market that will make Kangen Water.  And she says it’s the only unit that will make Beauty Water!  And that is the reason why the unit is more expensive.


Clever as those marketing terms maybe, Kangen water is alkaline, ionized water made by a water ionizer.  And that beauty water, it’s acidic water that is created at the same time as the alkaline water during ionization.

It’s the same process!

Now you have it!  You’ve solved the case…

But Amy is back again…

She claims they are best units out there…And they have the best plates on the market.  You are paying for quality, the best!

Not so fast Amy…

Enagic units use an old power technology.  To make up for the weak performance of the archaic technology within the units, Enagic offers chemicals to boost the pH of the water.  Not only will you have a continuous maintenance cost, but you will be adding chemical additives to your water!

You are able to buy a high-quality unit with better technology for less!

But now the daunting task of picking through the myriad of other water ionizer companies out there….

With so much information on the market, it can be so confusing.

That’s why our friendly, knowledgeable water ionizer experts here at Life Ionizers are trained to help you through every step; from research to the comparison to ionizers – We’re here for you.

Kangen Vs Life Ionizers – The FACTS

Yes, you can and should drink alkaline water every day

Life Ionizers is the longest running distributor of water ionizers in the USA.  Offering a whole range of quality products with no need to add chemicals.

The quality shows…  With every top of the line unit, Life offers a full Lifetime warranty.

Now Amy, compare that to the Kangen’s five-year limited warranty…

Life has everything alkaline from the travel size Pitcher of Life to the residential water ionizers with 5, 7,  9 and 11 plate units…

To the HUGE commercial units producing 8,000 liters per hour…

We have the unit that will fit you just right.  And we’re here to help.

Purchase straight from the manufacturer and save money instead of paying that long line of commission checks (including Amy’s!).

Alkaline, Ionized water is pretty amazing, but paying double the price for an outdated machine would be just crazy.

Our water experts are here to match you with the best water ionizer for you and your family.


Got questions? We have answers! Give us a call at 877-959-7977

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