Why Choose Life Ionizers®?

Why Choose Life Ionizers®? for your home or office?

Because when it comes to your health, the purity and the quality of the alkaline hydrogen water you drink matters. Many ask “Why Choose Life Ionizers®?” well our answer is that Life does more for you than any other ionizer company.  We guarantee the purity of your alkaline hydrogen water because we analyze your local water quality report for contaminants and toxins. Then we give you a free pre-filter system that is custom configured to filter the impurities we find in your water. Life Ionizers is the only company that cares enough about your health to make sure that you get the right filters to improve your water quality!

Why Choose Life Ionizers®?

Life Ionizers are the most powerful water ionizers on the market today. Trusted by more doctors and health professionals than any other brand

How Life Ionizers® protects you from waterborne toxins

Life Ionizers uses the most advanced water filtration technologies in the water ionizer industry to ensure the purity of your alkaline water:

  • Custom Prefiltration – Included FREE with your Life Ionizer
  • Vitamin C Ceramic Block (patent pending) Filter Technology
  • Optional UV Light antibacterial technology – Addresses bacteria, viruses, and cysts
  • Multi-stage dual internal filters – Lab-tested and proven effective

Why Alkaline Water by Life is better

Your body is constantly under attack by powerful contaminants and powerful acids. Life Ionizers fights back with the most powerful water ionizers in the world. More power means higher acid-fighting alkalinity and more antioxidant ORP potential. This means you get

  • Alkaline water with a pH of up to 11 or higher – powerful acid neutralization!
  • Over -800 mV of antioxidant ORP potential – Fight the harmful effects of oxidation
  • Best tasting water you ever drank – we guarantee it!
  • These great attributes are determined by your source water

Quality – We guarantee it with our Lifetime warranties!

Life Ionizers backs its water ionizers with the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Our top-of-the-line water ionizers come with an unlimited lifetime guarantee. Unlimited means

  • Make as much alkaline water as you want
  • Parts and labor are covered, no ifs and’s or buts.
  • You get the healthiest alkaline water possible – for life

Health Support After the Sale – Life Ionizers® is there for you!

life-ionizer-reviews-4-9100Your journey to good health doesn’t end when you buy a water ionizer! In fact, the way we see it, your new Life Ionizer is just the beginning! That’s why we created The Alkaline Lifestyle – a community dedicated to alkaline living. With the Alkaline Lifestyle, you receive:

  • Free one-year Gold Membership in the Alkaline Lifestyle
  • Monthly newsletter with recipes, health tips, and advice
  • Fitness tips – It’s easier to get moving when you have encouragement!
  • Mindfulness – Healthy living starts with a healthy mind
  • Support – Join us, you don’t have to go it alone!

Many of us at Life Ionizers took the same journey that you are now contemplating. We turned to alkalinity to take charge of our health too! We’ve learned a lot about alkalinity and health, and The Alkaline Lifestyle is our way of making our knowledge and experience available to you!

Choose Life, your journey to better health starts here.

Bigger is better – Why Life Ionizers is the Industry Leader

  • 17 years in business – 532,888 Satisfied customers as of 1/27/13
  • Only water ionizer that comes with a FREE pre-filter
  • First ever company to offer lifetime warranties on 9 plate ionizers
  • Only water ionizer with Vitamin C Ceramic Block technology
  • First 13 plate ionizer for home use
  • Listed in the Physician’s Desktop Reference
  • The only water ionizers that are fully convertible from counter top to under counter use
  • Worldwide Distribution – USA, UK/Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa

Yes! – We CAN help you take charge of your health. Call us at (855) 790-8121 for a free consultation with our water quality experts. Learn More!

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