The Top 10 things to Look for in a Water Ionizer

top 10 things to look for in a water ionizer

These 10 things ensure you get the best water ionizer for the money

These are the 10 most important things you must consider when looking at a water ionizer:

1.      Space

2.      Health

3.      Beauty

4.      Budget

5.      Local water conditions

6.      Ease of use

7.       Flow rate

8.      Certifications

9.      Warranty

10. Technology


1. Space – Decide where the water ionizer will go, and measure the space you have to put it in. For under the counter installations, make sure the ionizer has in-faucet controls so you don’t have to go under the sink to operate your ionizer.


2. Health – Buyers who want to drink alkaline water for health reasons need to ensure ionizer pH and –ORP levels meet their requirements.  High-end Life Ionizers® with GRID plates should be favored for health needs, because they are able to reach high -ORP levels while producing water with moderate pH levels for long term health maintenance needs.


3. Beauty – Hair and skin benefit from an ionizer that produces acid water in the 3 – 3.5 pH range. The best machines for this use are high-end machines since they can produce acidic water in the right range without chemicals. Life Ionizers® provides the perfect pH rinse for hair and skin.


4. Budget – Cutting costs does not mean cutting quality. Buyers on a budget should look for modern technology and value. Life Ionizers® features all of these things:


  • SMPS power supply
  • High power system
  • Multiple internal filtration
  • GRID plates
  • Options like UV Light Technology
  • Pre-filter system included free


5. Local Water Conditions – The water going into the ionizer affects the quality of the water coming out. Most companies have pre-filters available, but only Life Ionizers® provides you with a free pre-filter system that is matched to your local water conditions..


Warning for persons concerned about their salt intake: The Enagic® LeveLuk® can’t filter out “metallic ions or salinity present in original (tap) water” [Source: Enagic® LeveLuk® SD 501 TYH-401NF Standard Specifications].

NSF/ANSI certification is considered to be the mark of excellence within the water treatment industry. Life Ionizers’ full lines of water treatment systems meet NSF/ANSI standards.


6. Ease of Use – Ionizer controls should be easy to understand and accessible. The best way to check is to enlarge an image of the ionizer you are looking at and see what the controls look like. If the controls look self explanatory, they probably are.


The design and appeal of the faucet and access to the ionizer controls are the important factors to consider with an under the counter installation. Make sure the ionizer controls are part of the faucet control, and that they are easy to use and the displays are easy to read.


Warning: Some manufacturers’ under the counter conver­sion kits may not be legal for use in some states. Be sure to check if the ionizer’s conversion kit is legal for use in your state! Life Ionizer’s faucets are WQA NSA/ANSI Certified.


Life Ionizers faucet controls set the standard for ease of use in under the counter ionizers, and are certified for use worldwide.


7. Flow RateFlow rate is not a very important consideration when choosing between ionizers. Most home ionizers sold today flow between ¾ and 1 gallon per minute, and will fill a glass or a water bottle in about the same time.


8. Certifications – Industry certifications ensure the ionizer that you buy and the company that you do business with meets the highest standards for:


  • Health
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Sound business practices
  • Environmental


Life Ionizers is the only company whose water ionizers have all of the certifications listed above.


Health: Certifications that ensure you get the benefits of alkaline water:


AHHA – American Holistic Health Association

PDR – Physician’s Desktop Reference

KDFA – Korean FDA




Safety: To ensure your ionizer is safe to use:


NSF – National Science Foundation

ANSI – American National Standards Institute

CE – European Conformity

WQA – Water Quality Association


Quality: Ionizers with these certifications will produce the highest quality alkalized ionized water. These certifications are also your guarantee of filter performance and product quality:


NSF – National Science Foundation

ISO – International Organization for Standardization

ANSI – American National Standards Institute

CE – European Conformity

WQA – Water Quality Association

UKAS – United Kingdom Quality Management



Reliability: Look for these certifications to make sure your ionizer will work for a long time. These standards set benchmarks for how long a product is required to work reliably for:


NSF – National Science Foundation

ANSI – American National Standards Institute

CE – European Conformity

IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission


Sound Business Practices: You are going to depend on the company that built your ionizer in the future when you have questions, require technical support and need to reorder replacement com­ponents such as filters. These certifications ensure the company you are doing business with has sound business practices:


CE – European Conformity

UKAS – United Kingdom Quality Management

KGMP – Korean Good Manufacturing Practice

IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission


Environmental:  Energy efficient ionizers will save you money, and are good for the environment. These certifications also ensure the ionizer maker follows environmentally sound manufacturing processes:

CE – European Conformity

Green Business Certified


Warranty– The length of the warranty company offers on their water ionizer is the best indicator of how much that company believes in their product. Life Ionizers®™ leads the industry in warranty length, and is the only company to provide a lifetime warranty on parts and labor for top of the line models.

Most companies only warranty their ionizers for at least 5 years. A notable exception is Enagic® which only warranties their baseline model for three years!


10. Patents – A company that invests in new technology will have several hold several patents, and/or have several patents pending.  Life Ionizers® has the following patents:

  • UV Light
  • Vitamin C  Ceramic Block Filtration (pending)


Life Ionizers is the only company to meet the 10 requirements listed in this guide, and Life is the only company that produces everything from home ionizers all the way up to commercial units that produce up to 400 GPH of ionized water! The best choice is always to go with the leader, and Life Ionizers is the quality and innovation leader of the ionized water industry.


Need help finding the right water ionizer? Call our water ionizer experts today for a no-hassle no obligation consultation at: 877-959-7977

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