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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

What does kangen water do?

Kangen water® is a brand of alkaline ionized water that is made by a home water ionizer.  kangen water® is drunk for health purposes. Alkaline ionized water, whether it is sold under the kangen® brand name or not, has lots of uses for health and beauty. The name kangen® was
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Enagic® Water Ionizers Titanium Contamination

Enagic® Water Ionizers Titanium Contamination Risks? Warning: If you own an Enagic® water ionizer and use the machine to make strong acid water, you face increased risk of titanium contamination in your Kangen® water. On the Enagic® website, under the “maintenance” tab, is a warning about making strong acid water
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4 Surprising Benefits of Alkaline Water

Studies suggest that some of the most important benefits of alkaline water are maintaining a healthy digestive tract and healthy bones. But there are other benefits you may never have heard of that can play an important role in your health as well. Your body is under constant assault from
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Kangen water may contain TOXIC heavy metals

Kangen Water® can contain toxic heavy metals. The Kangen water® machine’s filter is unable to remove heavy metals or salts in water.  According to Enagic®  the Kangen machine’s manufacturer, under filter specifications buried in the fine print on on the page it says: “Elements not removable – Metallic ions and/or salinity present in the
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Alkaline Water vs Milk: Which is better for you?

Alkaline Water and Milk both contain Essential Minerals Mainstream medical experts commonly recommend milk as a source of essential dietary minerals, especially to women over 30 that are at risk for osteoporosis. Despite this recommendation, the US currently has the highest rate of osteoporosis in the world. Compare this statistic
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Want Better Kangen Water®? Get a Life Ionizer

Want Better Kangen Water®? Get a Life Ionizer! Check It Out. Kangen® water is claimed by Enagic’s® network of multi-level marketing salespeople to be the cure for a literally unbelievable number of ailments. Unfortunately, although some of the claims may be true, the FDA doesn’t allow you to make them
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