Kangen Water Side Effects

Kangen Water Side Effects: What you need to know

Kangen Water side effects are generally mild and they fade in about two weeks after you start drinking it. Kangen water has no clinically documented side effects. But you should know that it’s potential for having side effects has never been studied. It’s side effects are similar to alkaline water: Some people new to Kangen Water have reported some mild side effects in the first two weeks after they started drinking it.

kangen water side effects

Kangen water can have side effect – with and without added chemicals

Most people won’t experience any side effects when they start Kangen water, but some do experience some mild side effects. Those mild side effects typically pass in about a week or two. If you experience strong side effects, or the side effects you experience don’t subside in a week, call your doctor.

Without added chemicals, Kangen Water could have the same side effects as most another brand of water ionizers. Some people new to Kangen Water report mild, flu-like symptoms that pass in about a week. There are several theories as to why these flu-like effects could happen, but none of those theories have been tested in clinical research. The most popular theory is that the body is detoxing, and the kidneys are temporarily overloaded with toxins. This appears to be normal and as the body goes through its initial detoxification, it settles down and this is a normal reaction
to the start of better health.

A more common side effect of starting Kangen Water is developing cravings for it, along with more frequent urination. Some health experts suggest that this may be the body resetting its thirst impulse, and there is some research on older men that back this idea. The result of these cravings is that a person’s hydration status improves, which can lead to greater energy levels and better digestive health. People who say they’ve experienced these cravings say they pass in about a week.

Side effects of Kangen Water with Calcium Glycerophosphate

Calcium glycerophosphate is a drug which is sold as an “electrolysis enhancer” by Enagic. When taken as directed by a physician, it’s perfectly safe. But the problem is that Kangen Machine owners aren’t told by Enagic to seek medical advice Taken improperly, calcium glycerophosphate can harm your health.

Be sure to talk to your doctor if you experience any of these  side effects that can happen from overdosing on calcium glycerophosphate

The most common Kangen Water side effects that have been reported for Kangen Water spiked with calcium glycerophosphate is nausea and constipation. If you experience these side effects when drinking Kangen Water, call your doctor right away, you’re overdosing.

Do not drink Kangen Water made with calcium glycerophosphate If you have a history of kidney stones or low stomach acid. It could lead to you forming additional kidney stones, or having other kidney problems. Regardless of your health status, you should talk to your doctor if you plan to use Enagic’s calcium glycerophosphate additive in a Kangen Machine.

Life water ionizers don’t use calcium glycerophosphate

If a water ionizer is powerful enough, it doesn’t need added drugs like calcium glycerophosphate to ionize water. Life Ionizers are powerful enough to ionize the toughest tap water without the need for added substances like calcium glycerophosphate. There’s another benefit to having a powerful ionizer: The more power your ionizer has, the more antioxidant potential it can charge your water with. The antioxidant benefit of alkaline water may be the most important benefit of all. Research suggests that it may help shift the balance of microbes in your gut to favor beneficial microbes that help you lose weight and remain healthy. A healthy you begin with a healthy gut, so the more antioxidant potential you can get in a glass of alkaline water, the better! Learn More

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