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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Are the benefits of kangen® water a myth?

Are the benefits of kangen® water a myth or real?

Some of the benefits claimed for kangen® water are mythical, they’re simply too good to be true. The problem with kangen® water, and the reason you should be wary of it is that kangen® water is oversold. kangen® water is simply a brand name for alkaline water which is used by Enagic®, the company that sells the kangen® water machine. Drinking alkaline water has health benefits, but don’t believe the hype around kangen® water. kangen® water is frequently not as good as alkaline water made by other water ionizers.

Are the benefits of kangen® water a myth?

The kangen water myth: Magical water that defies the laws of chemistry and physics

How water ionizers work

The kangen® water machine makes alkaline water the same way that every other water ionizer does. The only difference between the alkaline water made by a kangen® machine and any other ionizer is the quality of the water produced. The quality of the alkaline water made by a water ionizer depends on three factors:

    • Purity – Does the machine filter the water of toxins?

    • Power – Is the machine powerful enough to adequately ionize the water?

  • Plates – Do the plates have enough surface area to properly ionize the water?

Purity – Depends on how well the water ionizer’s filters work. To get good water purity, you need to make sure the ionizer has the right filter system for your water. The best water ionizers come with a prefilter system that is able to target the toxins in your water supply. The best systems are customized after the company analyzes the Federal Water Report.

Power – What a water ionizer does to water is to convert the mineral compounds in it from mineral carbonates to mineral hydroxides. The more power a machine has, the more mineral carbonates it can convert to mineral hydroxides.

Plates – The plates are responsible for distributing the power of the machine to the water being ionized. Plates and power need to be matched up properly for an ionizer to perform well. The best plates are heavy duty GRID plates because they provide more surface area for the water to flow over. With GRID plates, you’ll get alkaline water with 10 – 15% more antioxidant potential than you would with flat plates.

How does the kangen® water machine compare to other ionizers?

The kangen® water machine is the most expensive water ionizer sold. For the price, you would expect it to outperform competing ionizers, but it doesn’t. Here’s how the kangen® water machine compares to other ionizers based on purity, power, and plates:

Purity – The kangen® water machine has only a single internal filter which is unable to remove salts or heavy metals from water, so if you have either in your tap water, the kangen® machine will not protect you from them. The kangen® machine doesn’t come with a prefilter, you have to pay extra to get one. For this reason, the kangen® machine performs poorly when filtering water.

Power – The kangen® water machine has 235 watts of power, which is less than higher quality competing ionizers. Because it lacks power, a kangen® machine could only adequately power very small ionizer plates.

Plates – The kangen® machine has huge plates, in fact, they’re too big for the machine! Because the kangen® water machine only has 235 watts, it simply can’t get enough power to the plates to do a good job at ionizing your water. Enagic® knows the kangen® water machine is underpowered, they compensate for it by selling you additional chemicals that you may need to add to your water to make the machine work right. Higher quality ionizers don’t need added chemicals.

kangen® water isn’t as good as alkaline water from competing ionizers

The kangen® machine’s shortcomings mean that kangen® water isn’t going to be as clean, or as well ionized as alkaline water you get from competing ionizers. The kangen® machine struggles to reach the pH levels that other ionizers reach easily. For example, a kangen® water machine may be able to reach a pH of about 9.5 without chemicals. By way of comparison, a Life Ionizer M9 (which costs $1383 less than the kangen® machine) can reach a pH of over 11.

Compare the Life M9 to the kangen® water machine and you can easily see why the Life M9 is the better value:

Life M-9 compared to the kangen® water machine




Life M-9

2 internal filters, 1 prefilter

Up to 504 Watts

9 GRID or Flat plates

kangen® Water Machine

1 filter

235 Watts

7 Flat plates


How does Life M9 compare to other ionizers?

Purity – The Life M-9 comes with three filters, standard. It comes with two internal filters with laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration, which is the most effective anti-chlorine and chloramine filtration available. The M-9 also comes with a free custom-configured pre-filter system. Life analyzes your local water quality using the annual report your water authority makes to the EPA. Based on that information, Life gives you a prefilter to address any toxins listed in that report. If there are heavy metals or salt in your water supply, Life gives you the right prefilter to deal with them.

Power – The Life M-9 has 504 watts of power, which makes it one of the most powerful 9 plate ionizers in the world. All this power means the M-9 can put plenty of power to its 9 plates

Plates – The M-9 has higher plate surface area than the kangen® water machine – and enough power to back them up. Because the M-9 has so much power, and lots of plate surface area, it can easily reach a pH of 11 or higher. All that plate surface area has another benefit: The M-9 has a very high flow rate. In fact, you can fill a gallon jug in less than a minute!

Bottom Line: Benefits of Kangen® water is an overhyped myth

Why is the kangen® machine so overpriced and overhyped? It’s because the kangen® machine is sold through multi-level marketing. Products sold through multi-level marketing are more expensive than products solddirectlyt from the manufacturer like Life Ionizers. Multi-level marketers get desperate, they have a hard time competing with products sold direct from the maker, so they’ll say anything to make the sale – even if its too good to be true!

The claim that kangen® water is somehow better than alkaline water is a myth. The kangen® water machine uses the same process used by other ionizers to ionize water, but it doesn’t do that as well as machines like the Life M-9. The biggest difference between the kangen® water machine and any other ionizer is the price. The kangen® water machine is a lot more expensive than other water ionizers, and it doesn’t perform as well. With a Life M-9, you get superior quality alkaline water for a lot less.


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