What makes one water ionizer better than another?

What makes one water ionizer better than another and why by The Best Water Ionizers?

Imagine drinking from the fabled Fountain of Youth every day. Each morning you wake up you feel fitter, more energetic, more alive. The water tastes sweet and refreshing, so different, and so much better than, plain water. You know, with every glass of water you drink, your body returns to a more pure, natural state. Many people, in their quest for better health, have turned to alkaline water from a water ionizer, and their successes have inspired their friends to try alkaline water. The result? Alkaline water is booming in popularity as even celebrities like Beyonce have come to swear by it for health. With so many water ionizers and bottled alkaline waters on the market, how do you know which is best?

What makes one water ionizer better than another

Purity and Potency are what you’re paying for when you buy an ionizer

What makes one glass of alkaline water better than another

There are two main factors that determine the quality of an alkaline water: Purity and potency. With a water ionizer, you have control over both factors. The right kind of filtration can ensure your water is purified of chemicals. A strong enough water ionizer can ensure your water is potent.

Purity – To properly filter your water, a water ionizer needs a pre-filter that is capable of filtering the specific toxins in your water, as well as filtration that can eliminate chlorine and chloramines.

Why prefilters are important: Everyone’s water is different. If you live in rural areas, you may need a filter for nitrates. Older homes with lead in the pipes require a filter that can handle metals.

Why are chlorine and chloramines bad: Both of these toxins “undo” the beneficial effects of alkaline water. According to Oak RIdge National Laboratories, chlorine or chloramines are harmful in alkaline water, even in tiny amounts!.

Potency – Alkaline water that is only slightly more alkaline than your tap water won’t do you much good. To get the benefits of alkaline water, you need a machine capable of thoroughly alkalizing your water. This takes power and plates:

Power – Water ionizers use electromagnetic force to separate the mineral compounds in tap water into alkaline and acid halves. The more power an ionizer has, the more separation the machine can achieve, the more potent the alkaline water that you get will be.

Plates – A water ionizer’s plates are where the separation of mineral compounds take place. Machines with more plates, and higher plate surface area are able to process larger amounts of water faster. Machines with inadequate plates produce weaker alkaline water unless you slow the flow of water way down.

How to pick the best water ionizer for your budget

If you’re shopping for a water ionizer, you’ve probably found several brands that claim to have enough power and plates to make potent alkaline water, and some of them may even offer pre-filters. But which of them are going to be a good value? Here are some things to avoid when buying a water ionizer:

    • Multi-level marketing – Not a good value because they pay high commissions

    • Charge extra for prefilters – The prefilter should be included for free

    • Short Warranties – Less than 10 years

  • Transformer based power supplies – They waste energy and are unreliable

Multi-level marketing – Products sold through multi-level marketing are more expensive than products bought through traditional companies. This is because multi-level marketing pays significant amounts out in commissions to salespeople. For example, every time a Kangen Water Ionizer is sold, 8 multi-level marketers get paid!

Charge extra for prefilters – Insist that your water ionizer come with a prefilter that is designed to filter the specific toxins in your water. It is the job of the water ionizer company to find out what toxins are in your water, and give you a prefilter to address them. If a water ionizer company can’t find out what toxins are in your water, how can you trust them to properly filter out those toxins? If they’re charging you extra for a prefilter, you’re getting ripped off.

Short warranties – mean that the ionizer company doesn’t stand behind it’s product. For example, the Kangen Water machine – the most expensive water ionizer out there – only comes with a 5 year warranty! This is probably because it is very easy to accidentally destroy a kangen water ionizer, and very expensive to fix it!

Transformer based power supplies – Modern electronic appliances like computers are powered by a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) – for a very good reason. SMPS power supplies regulate power far more efficiently than transformer based systems. They protect sensitive electronics, and extend the life of the appliance they power. Transformer based water ionizers like the Kangen Water Ionizer come with very short warranties partly because of their unreliable transformer power supplies.

Why Life Ionizers are the best water ionizers for the money

Life water ionizers meet and exceed all of the requirements discussed in this article. Every Life Ionizer comes with a custom-configured prefilter that is selected based on the toxins listed in your local water authority’s annual water quality report. After the prefilter, a Life Ionizer has two internal filters that include our patent-pending Vitamin C Ceramic Block technology. Vitamin C filtration is used by laboratories and hospitals for chlorine/chloramine elimination.

Backing up those filters are powerful SMPS power supplies and massive plates. In fact, the Life M-11 has the highest plate surface area of any home water ionizer, and delivers power that is normally only seen in heavy duty commercial water ionizers! Compare the M-11 to any water ionizer you want, even ones costing over $1000 more! The Life M-11 will beat them all in terms of filtration, power, and plates. To make it even better, the M-11 comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

The combination of superior technology, workmanship, and filtration allows Life Ionizers to offer a guarantee that no other brand of water ionizer is willing to offer: Life Ionizers guarantees that your water will taste better than any other water you’ve ever tasted! Life can do this because our filtration and ionization technologies produce the most pure and potent glass of alkaline water possible.

Compare Life Ionizers to other brands and see how much you could save. Call us at

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