Water Ionizer FACTS: Why you need a Pre-filter

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The right pre-filter protects your health and investment

Many home water ionizer owners use their machines without pre-filtration. By doing so they risk drinking unsafe water or destroying their machine! Tap water quality varies widely. It can contain toxins that the ionizer’s filters weren’t designed to remove. Another big problem is hard water. Most ionizer’s warranties are voided by hard water damage.

Life Ionizers with our Clean Tek anti-scale (included with all Life Ionizers) technology are guaranteed to work with hard water

Water Ionizer Pre-Filtration Fixes Your Problem Water

Pre-filters need to be chosen with care. The right pre filter is the one that treats the specific problems found in your water supply. How can you find out what kind of problems in your water need to be treated? The information can be found in your local water quality report, which is filed with the EPA annually by your local water authority. The report is complicated, and contains a lot of information. The best way to make sure you get the right pre-filter is to have your water report analyzed by an expert, and have them select the right kind of pre-filter for you.

Life Ionizers includes a free copy and free analysis of your local water quality report. Then we give you the pre-filter you need for your water quality for free!

Some Common Water Ionizer Problems Solved by Prefiltration

Heavy metals A study conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found unsafe levels of lead in over 1,000 US water supplies. The problem affects nearly everyone: Cities, towns, rural areas. The EWG study also found unsafe levels of hexavalent chromium 6 in 2/3 of all us water supplies, affecting nearly everyone. Heavy metal contamination is widespread, thankfully the right pre-filter system can protect you from heavy metals

Update 2018: All Life water ionizers internal filters have been upgraded to provide heavy metal protection because of the widespread heavy metal contamination reported by the EWG. This new filter technology is provided to all Life Ionizer models. When you order filters for your Life Ionizer, heavy metal filtration is included.

Fluoride is added to most water supplies in North America. Many people are rightly concerned about the effects of on their health of fluoride in water. The EPA recently announced that it is considering lowering the maximum amount of fluoride in water due to health concerns. A special type of filter is required for fluoride treatment. So if you are concerned about fluoride, you should get a pre-filter that is designed for fluoride reduction

Chloramine is used by municipal water facilities as a replacement for chlorine to disinfect water supplies. Chloramines are harmful, and are not treated by conventional filters. One of the byproducts of chloramine treatment – trihalomethanes – is a known carcinogen. Your municipal water report will tell you if chloramine is being used to treat your water.

All Life Ionizers include our Vitamin C Ceramic Block technology, which filters out any chloramines in your water

Prefiltration is Peace of Mind

The right pre-filter will add years to the life of your water ionizer, and probably add years to your life as well. With a properly selected pre-filter, you gain peace of mind knowing that the right filter is being used to treat your water. Pre-filters are cheap insurance against water quality problems, and no ionizer should be used without one.

Get more information and find out which water ionizers come with pre-filtration by calling our water experts today 877-959-7977

The contaminants or other substances removed or reduced by this water treatment device are not necessarily in your water. Click here to receive a free analysis of your local water quality report to find out if toxins are found in your water.


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