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Can you drink too much alkaline water?

The condition of becoming too alkaline, called alkalosis is extremely rare. Alkaline water contains only a small amount of alkali minerals, so you can’t over alkalize on alkaline water. But like with any kind of water, if you drink too much water too fast you can get hyponatremia
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How much Alkaline Water should I Drink

The amount of alkaline water you should drink depends on your weight. Here’s how to calculate your daily needs based on your body weight. You will need to drink more on hot days, and when you work out. This article gives you a complete guide to drinking alkaline water
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Why Alkaline Water is best for Heart Health

Alkaline water has benefits for heart health that plain water doesn’t. Up to 3 in 4 people are at risk for heart attack due to dehydration or mineral deficiency. Alkaline water hydrates better than plain water, and supplies heart healthy minerals that are easy for your body to absorb.
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20 Tips to Help you Drink more Water

Think you only need to drink more water when you’re thirsty? Guess Again! If you’re aged 50 or older, your body can mistake thirst for hunger. Younger people can count on their body’s thirst mechanism to tell them when to drink more water, older people can’t. For those of us who do need a little help, here’s 20 tips that will help you drink more water.
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How to Lose Weight by Drinking Water

Struggling to lose the weight? You may not be drinking enough water! By drinking water, at the right time, you can lose the weight and keep it off. The Centers for Disease control estimate that 3 out of 4 Americans are dehydrated, are you one of them? Water could be the answer to your weight loss dreams!
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