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Alkaline Water vs Gatorade for Sports Hydration

Feeling Dehydrated? Need a blast of energy? Should you reach for Gatorade or alkaline water? You should reach for both! Alkaline water mixed with powdered Gatorade or other powdered electrolyte hydrates AND buffers muscular lactic acid better than alkaline water or Gatorade alone. This article shows you how to make and use the Ultimate Sports Drink, you WILL feel it!
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Guide to Sports Hydration with Alkaline Water

Alkalize and hydrate like a pro Many professional athletes alkalize their bodies prior to working out because alkalinity buffers performance robbing acidity in the body. Alkalizing lets an athlete go harder before they feel the burning sensation in their muscles that signals that they’ve reached the limit. Alkaline water from
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Alkaline Water Shown to Fight Extreme Dehydration in Study

Alkaline Water Shown to Fight Extreme Dehydration in Study | Dehydration is killing firefighters Heart attack due to dehydration is the number one cause of death among firefighters while fighting fires, according to Effect of Hydration on Whole Blood Viscosity in Firefighters.  Heart attack easily beats out smoke inhalation and
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75% of Americans suffer from Chronic Dehydration

3 out of 4 Americans are chronically dehydrated Are you one of them? If you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t drink enough water.. Many people choose coffee, soda, or even energy drinks as their beverage of choice during the day. Those beverages do provide some hydration, but even so
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4 things you might not know about drinking water

1. Drinking water helps you avoid getting drunk Drinking water together with alcohol dilutes alcohol, which helps you avoid getting drunk. Alkaline water may be best for relieving a hangover. Research on mice shows that it may help protect the liver from oxidative damage such as that caused by alcohol.
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Should I drink more Water?

Should you drink more water? Use the simple formula in this article to see how much water you need to drink based on your body weight. Better hydration has many benefits, younger looking skin, more energy, and it even helps improve your mood!
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Energize your Body with Alkaline Water

Can a glass of water really give you more energy? If you are dehydrated (as many people are) the answer is yes. Your body defends itself against the crippling effects of dehydration by slowing it’s metabolism down. By reducing it’s metabolic rate, your body conserves it’s precious, diminishing supply of
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Why Alkaline Water Hydrates Better

Alkaline water science experiment Why does alkaline water hydrate better than plain water? Because it has lower surface tension than regular water. The surface tension of water determines how well your cells can absorb it through osmosis. The lower the surface tension, the easier it is to absorb. The calcium
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Alkaline Water Benefits for Athletes

Looking to take your performance to the next level? Alkaline water benefits for athletes include better hydration, better endurance, and acid fighting ability that keeps your muscles going strong, even after the competition throws in the towel
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Benefits of Alkaline Water for the Human Body

People have been drinking alkaline water for centuries from protected springs like Nordeneau in Germany, and Carlsbad Mineral Springs in the USA. These legendary alkaline waters have helped people overcome many health challenges. Alkaline water, whether it’s from a mountain spring or a water ionizer provides three important benefits to
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How to tell if Alkaline Water Benefits You | Hydration

How to calculate your hydration status during workouts Proper hydration is essential for athletes to perform at their best. One of the alkaline water benefits for athletes is that it can hydrate better than plain water. Athletes can verify that they are remaining well-hydrated with alkaline water by performing some
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