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Kate Upton’s newest obsession? Alkaline Water

Kate Upton recently shared her secret to beauty from the inside out: “I know it sounds so cliché, but you will


Kate’s secret to beauty from the inside out: Alkaline water – lots of it

never see me without water. I try and stay hydrated at all times. My newest obsession is alkaline water. Hydrating and keeping your body in balance is the best way to stay healthy.” Kate is just one of many celebrities that give alkaline water major credit for their looks and health. Elle MacPherson credits alkaline water as being an important part of her anti-aging diet, and says that hydration is crucial to her youthful looks. Beyonce says she won’t go on tour without it. In fact, all of these celebrities eat healthier, and exercise along with drinking alkaline water, to keep themselves in peak condition and looking great. Here’s how Kate Upton does it:

Kate’s Workout Routine

Justin Gelbrand, Kate Upton’s trainer says: “Get the best body for you and never worry what others are doing.” Kate trains hard, she started a rigorous workout routine that includes circuit training – intense exercises for short duration. Her trainer says that circuit training is a great way to develop killer body curves. Here is a typical workout routine that Kate follows:

  • Walk on treadmill to warm up
  • Then, kickboxing, elastic bands, and rope skipping
  • Weight lifting to develop muscle
  • Three circuit exercises


life-ionizer-reviews-debra-messingThe circuit exercises she does are different every day. That way she works different muscles and doesn’t get bored. Her circuit training routine consists of 8 to 10 exercises with just a 30 to 60 second rest between them. Kate works hard, according to her trainer, she uses a 200 Lb weight to do hip thrusts!

Kate’s Diet

Kate Upton follows the Blood Type Diet, which recommends foods based on your blood type. Her trainer Justin Gelband says that the blood type diet helps people digest their food better. Among fans of the Blood Type Diet, it is believed to boost energy, help you shed unwanted pounds and help your body remain healthy.

Should you switch to the Blood Type diet?

The Blood Type diet is considered to be controversial by many diet experts and nutritionists who caution that it may carry health risks. For example, the diet calls for people in the O and B blood type groups to cut dairy products out of their diet. But this means cutting calcium from your diet, which increases your risk of developing osteoporosis. People with type A blood are told to cut meat from their diet, but that can make you deficient in iron and lead to anemia.

Bottom line: The Blood Type diet carries risks, talk to your doctor about it.

How much alkaline water should you drink? According to Kate: Lots

Kate says it’s all about hydration. She hydrates herself by drinking around 3 liters of alkaline water per day. She uses it to make green tea, and drinks it with chlorophyll. There’s scientific research to support making green tea with ionized alkaline water. Research shows that ionized alkaline water increases the antioxidant benefit of green tea, and makes it taste better. One thing Kate didn’t mention, but we recommend, is soaking your fruits and vegetables in alkaline water, because it permanently denatures acidic pesticide and herbicide residues, rendering them non toxic, and safely washes them away.

A water ionizer is the best source of ionized alkaline water

If you’ve gone to the store to buy bottled alkaline water, you know it’s very expensive. To have enough of it to drink as much as Kate does, you’d spend around $10 a day, which adds up to a whopping $300 a month! For a lot less than that, you could finance a water ionizer, and have enough alkaline water for yourself, family and friends. Plus, you don’t get the antioxidant benefit of ionized alkaline water, because bottled alkaline water isn’t antioxidant.


Yes, you’re worth it. Call us today at 877-959-7977 and find out how easy it is to put the health-restorative power of ionized alkaline water to work on your health. Mention Kate Upton when you call for special pricing!

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