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Beyonce and Alkaline Water | Why she’s right

Beyonce Knowles recently made the news for insisting on alkaline water during her tour, which is to be served at exactly 21 degrees centigrade, and drank through a titanium straw. Many mainstream media outlets criticized Beyonce for her choice of refreshment, dismissing her as a “diva”. But a closer look at the facts reveals the fact that Beyonce is setting an excellent example for her fans, and showing the rest of us a way forward.

Beyonce vs. her critics on health

Benefits of alkaline water for Beyonce infographic

Before you criticize Beyonce – Prove you could dance a mile in her shoes

The fact is, Beyonce is in much better shape physically than her critics. Beyonce’s critics judged her choice of hydration from behind the relative comfort and safety of their computers. But I doubt that any of these critics could keep up with Beyonce on tour. Her live performances consist of about 2 hours of high-energy singing and dancing. Her North American tour starts June 28th, and goes until August 5th. This means that Beyonce will put out a high energy two-hour show once a night for over a month! I’d be willing to bet that most, if not all of Beyonce’s critics wouldn’t be able to keep up with her for even one night!

Bottom line: Critics, before you criticize  Beyonce, prove you can keep up with her!

Health benefit of alkaline water for Beyonce

Hydration: What can Beyonce expect to get from drinking alkaline mineral water? The #1 benefit of alkaline water for Beyonce has to be hydration. Singing and dancing can quickly dehydrate her body, but Beyonce can depend on alkaline water’s superior hydrating ability to keep her at peak performance all night long. It only takes 2% dehydration to affect performance, but Beyonce will be able to protect herself from the crippling effects of dehydration because she’s drinking alkaline water.

Energy: When Beyonce walks on stage, she gives it all away to her fans, and that takes energy. Alkaline mineral water’s superior hydrating ability will allow Beyonce to keep her metabolism running at full speed, so she has the energy she needs to be a star.

Acid Neutralizing: Dancing all night long can lead to sore muscles, but studies show that alkaline water can help reduce the effects of exercise-induced acidosis. Beyonce’s alkaline water will work as hard as she does to maintain her muscles in peak condition. After all, Beyonce doesn’t have time to be sore, she has shows almost every night!

Mineral Nutrition: Everybody’s body needs minerals every day for good health. Beyonce is no exception, in fact, she places higher demands on her body than any of her critics do! The minerals in the alkaline water she is drinking will help keep her bones strong and her heart healthy.

Beyonce: A good example for her fans, all of us

Beyonce’s choice to drink healthy alkaline water is a far superior choice to all those pop stars that guzzle sodas or energy drinks. She is setting an example, making the right choice for her health. Beyonce’s choice may encourage some of her fans to consider the health effects of what they’re drinking. To the extent that Beyonce inspires her fans to choose healthy alkaline water, she will be adding years to their lives. Those fans that choose to be like Beyonce and drink alkaline water can look forward to better bone and heart health, and happier more active lives.

Even Beyonce’s titanium straw represents a way forward, because her straw is reusable. If we all chose reusable things over disposable things, the world would be a cleaner, happier place.

I commend Beyonce for setting a good example, and I hope that her fans pay close attention and make healthy beverage choices for themselves. Fact is, nobody has the right to criticize Beyonce’s health choices unless they’ve danced a mile in her shoes. We here at Life Ionizers highly doubt that any of Beyonce’s critics actually could.

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