Are the health benefits of a water ionizer worth the cost?

Drinking alkaline water is good for you. Your body needs water, and – according to the World Health Organization – it needs to get essential minerals from water every day. Alkaline water from a water ionizer supplies both; it’s 17% more hydrating than ordinary water, and it’s loaded with calcium and magnesium. But are the potential benefits of alkaline water worth the price of a water ionizer?

benefits of owning a water ionizer infographic

The savings from owning a water ionizer really add up!

If you’re planning to drink water every day for the rest of your life, the answer is yes.

The benefit of owning a water ionizer is long term

How long do you have to live? That varies widely from person to person, but unless you’re suffering from a terminal illness, you will probably live to around the age of 80 based on life expectancy statistics. That means that most of the people reading this article probably have a few decades of life to look forwards to. During that time, you’ll drink water – every day.

$20,000 life savings: Consider this, a person who buys a water ionizer today, and lives 20 more years would save about $1,000 a year or more on bottled water. Over 20 years, that person would have saved $20,000! The savings add up quick, because once you own a water ionizer, you’re getting your drinking water for about 3 cents per gallon – the cost of replacing filters.

A Water Ionizer is cheap health insurance

Water Ionizer vs. Bottled Water: For good health, you need to drink water that contains beneficial mineral. Studies show that drinking mineral water substantially improves you heart health, and helps maintain healthy bones. You can find mineral water and even alkaline mineral water in stores for about $2 – $3 per bottle. But the cost adds up quickly, gallon for gallon, bottled water is more expensive than gas! A water ionizer is a bargain compared to the cost of bottled mineral water. If you buy a water ionizer, the amount you’ll save on bottled water will easily make up for what you spent to buy your ionizer in two years or less.

Hydration: The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 3 out of 4 people suffer from chronic dehydration. If you are one of them, you’re facing health problem like heart attacks, weight gain, and even premature aging of the skin. The solution is simple, drink more water. Alkaline water from a water ionizer enables you to properly hydrate in two ways that plain water doesn’t

  • Alkaline water hydrates 17% better than plain water
  • Alkaline water tastes better than plain water

Two studies done at Montana State University documented that mineral hydroxide rich alkaline water hydrates better than plain water or even mineral water. The process used by a water ionizer converts the mineral carbonates in tap water into mineral hydroxides, which make alkaline water easier to absorb, and improve hydration.

If your water tasted better, would you drink more of it? Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes better than plain water – a lot better! It’s slightly sweet, and very refreshing. In fact, a study on the taste of alkaline water showed that you can tell the difference blindfolded. The facts: If your water tasted better, you’d drink more of it. That’s human nature, we tend to want to drink good tasting beverages, and not drink poor tasting beverages. A water ionizer will help you drink more water the easy way, by making your water taste great.

Alkaline water is a daily detox

Everyone knows that their body is under daily assault from the toxins in their environment. Toxic heavy metals like mercury are found in many foods, it can be found in the air we breathe, and even in much of our water supply. Oftentimes, people fight back with detoxification regimens that are expensive, and only work for a short period of time. Whether you do a 7 day detox, a 10 day detox, or even a 30 day detox, once you’ve finished your detox, you are no longer detoxing!

Alkaline water has been shown to protect against the toxic effects of mercury in 3 different studies. One clinical study showed that people who started drinking alkaline water discharged higher levels of 10 different heavy metals in their urine – and kept it up over the course of the two months that the study was run for. Drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer enables you to detox naturally, every day. Instead of a 10 day detox, think of alkaline water as a rest-of-your-life daily detox!

Other benefits of owning a water ionizer

Better health is priceless, but the benefits of owning a water ionizer don’t stop there. Food tastes better when it’s prepared with alkaline water. Alkaline water detoxifies your produce by destroying the acidic residues of pesticides and herbicides – plain water doesn’t do this!  If you’re physically active, you can make a sports drink using alkaline water that will improve your hydration status and deliver a blast of essential electrolytes – it will make a big difference in your workouts!

Water ionizers also make acidic water, and that has benefits too. Acidic water is a miracle hair rinse, and plants love it. Acidic water can also be used for chemical free cleaning. When you add up all the benefits of owning a water ionizer, how can you afford not to?


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