Depressed or Dehydrated? What your body is telling you

Is this you? You’ve felt down for quite some time now, and it may feel like nothing can help. Even good days, and things that normally make you feel good don’t seem to be able to help you “snap out of it.” Is this the moment when you’re feeling weak, that you “reach for something strong” such as a pill? There may be something even stronger you should reach for – a glass of ionized alkaline water. Recent groundbreaking research reveals that some people who suffer from depression and headaches may actually suffer from something else – dehydration.

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Is it depression or dehydration?

Journal of Nutrition: Mild dehydration affects mood

According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition titled: Mild Dehydration Affects Mood in Healthy Young Women losing just 1.36% of your body weight in water caused degraded mood, increased the perception of task difficulty, lower concentration, and headache symptoms in all of the 25 young women that participated in the study. It has long been known that severe dehydration results in confusion and delirium, but this is the first study that shows that even mild dehydration – which is less than 2% total water loss – results in significant changes in mood and cognitive performance – the ability to solve problems, concentrate, and do other menial tasks. What was also surprising about this study is that it showed that headaches can also be caused by mild dehydration.

Are you dehydrated? 6 signs that you should watch for

Did you know? A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control estimates that as many as 3 out of 4 Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. Chances are that – even as you read this article. you are dehydrated. So take a break, get up, and go get yourself a glass of water before reading any further. Go ahead, this can wait.


Now, with water in hand, here are the 6 signs of dehydration you should watch for

  • Dry Skin
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Dry Lips


Notice how thirst isn’t in that list. That’s because thirst may not be a reliable indicator of dehydration if you’re chronically dehydrated.

Check your hydration status with the pinch test

Here’s a simple test you can do right now to see if you’re dehydrated called “The Pinch Test.” Put one hand flat onto the table, palm facing down. Now pinch the skin together about one inch behind any knuckle on your hand. That skin should snap back into place in less than a second after you release it. If it took longer than a second, or didn’t snap back at all, you are dehydrated.

How much water should you drink for proper hydration?

A general rule of thumb is to drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water per day, more if you exercise or are in a hot environment. But drinking enough water is only half of the solution to dehydration: You also need to know when to drink water:

  • When you wake up – Your body loses a lot of water when you sleep
  • Half hour before meals – Helps clear your stomach and intestines
  • Hour after meals – Your body uses a lot of water digesting food
  • One hour before bed – This glass of water may save your life!

When you wake up Your body lost a significant amount of water as you slept, so you need to replace it. This eye-opener glass of water also fights constipation because a glass of water when you wake up triggers peristalsis – the movement of food and wastes through your intestines.

Half hour before meals This glass of water can also help you lose weight. Drinking a glass of water a half hour before a meal is a proven method of reducing your appetite. Just remember to stop eating when you feel almost full.

Hour after meals Do you suffer from the 3 O’clock crash? If so, your body is trying to tell you something – you’re dehydrated! Digestion consumes a lot of water, if you let it dehydrate you, your energy levels will fall.

One hour before bed  A glass of water, one hour before bed can prevent a heart attack or stroke. Dehydration causes your blood to become thicker, which makes it harder for your heart to pump it. In fact, the majority of the fatal heart attacks and strokes that kill people while they sleep occur in the 3 – 4 hour period before they wake up. Drinking a glass of water an hour before bed makes sure your body has enough water to make it through the night.

Do coffee and tea dehydrate you?

The surprising answer is no, but they do act as diuretics – they make you have to go to the bathroom more frequently. So for that reason, coffee and tea may not be the best choice for hydration. Alcohol definitely dehydrates you, and that dehydration is also a factor if you end up with a hangover. According to The Harvard School of Public Health, the best choice for hydration is water.

Alkaline water hydrates 17% better than plain water: Study

The best water for hydration is mineral-hydrate rich alkaline water – the kind made by a water ionizer. The hydrating ability of mineral hydrate rich alkaline water was demonstrated in two studies conducted at Montana State University by Professor Daniel P Heil. These studies compared plain water to alkaline water for hydration in both runners and cyclists. Each study showed the same thing: Alkaline water hydrates at least 17% better than plain water.

The surprising way a water ionizer can help you drink more water

Alkaline water from a water ionizer hydrates better than plain water. But did you know that drinking water from a water ionizer can actually help you drink more water. How? Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes better than plain, filtered, or bottled water. It’s slightly sweeter, and noticeably more refreshing – you can taste the difference! Water ionizer owners – including the author of this article – consistently say that they prefer the taste of the water from their ionizer to all other forms of water, and even to drinks like soda! The taste of alkaline water from a water ionizer can help you to choose water over other beverages simply because it tastes better. It’s human nature to want to drink the drink that tastes better. Because of this, a water ionizer can help you choose water over other beverages, and improve your hydration status.


Yes, you can have the life-changing power of alkaline water hydration in your kitchen. Call us at  877-959-7977 We can put a water ionizer in your kitchen for less than you may be paying for bottled water.




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