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The Surprising way Bottled Water could be making you Fat

Switched from soda to bottled water to lose weight? Bad news. BPA has been shown to make fat cells multiply, and can make you fat. If you drink bottled alkaline water the news gets even worse: Alkaline water pulls toxic antimony from the plastic resin of the bottle. Antimony is a known carcinogen.
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Why Bottled Alkaline Water may be Toxic

You bought it for health, but that bottled alkaline water you’re drinking is contaminated with Antimony – A toxic heavy metal and hormone disruptor. Pregnant women and children should avoid drinking water from plastic bottles entirely – here’s what you need to know
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Kangen water may contain TOXIC heavy metals

Kangen Water® can contain toxic heavy metals. The Kangen water® machine’s filter is unable to remove heavy metals or salts in water.  According to Enagic®  the Kangen machine’s manufacturer, under filter specifications buried in the fine print on
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