Why you need Whole Home Filtration: Clean Water Act to be scrapped

The Clean Water Act is an EPA rule that protects the quality of many sources of water that ultimately supply


Whole home filtration protects you from toxic chemicals in your water

wells and municipal water utilities. Unfortunately, the Clean Water Act is going to be scrapped. There are also large cuts in Federal spending on the way that will limit your local water utilities ability to filter out those toxins. Those cuts will make an already bad situation worse: Water infrastructure all across the country is crumbling due to neglect, and many cities’ water systems are already woefully inadequate to deal with pollution problems that are getting worse.

Did you know? Drinking contaminated water isn’t the only way your water can poison you. You also absorb toxins from water through skin contact, and by breathing toxic gases like chlorine and other VOCs. High levels of chlorine can literally turn your shower into a gas chamber!

What we lost: Toxins that the Clean Water Act protects you from

The Clean Water Rule protects major bodies of water like large streams, lakes, rivers, and wetlands from being polluted by a wide range of pollutants, such as:

    • Garbage
    • Sewage
    • Biohazardous materials
    • Toxic industrial waste
  • Agricultural waste

The EPA estimates that about 117 million people draw some or all of their water from public drinking systems that depend at least partially on bodies of water that the Clean Water Rule protects. That number does not include well water users, who will most definitely be affected. In fact, well water users are at even greater risk because their water isn’t filtered before it is drawn from the well.

Is your home in a threatened area? To find out, give us a call at 877-959-7977. We’ll tell you right over the phone so you can take action right away

Lead Pipes + Crumbling Infrastructure = Water Quality Disaster

The rollback of the Clean Water Rule wouldn’t be as threatening to drinking water quality if local water utilities had the resources they need to remove those toxins from your water – but they don’t have those needed resources. Budget cuts have devastated the nation’s water systems. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives the quality of the nation’s drinking water systems a grade of D. Just to maintain the system in its current failing condition would cost $1 trillion dollars over the next 25 years. While there has been some talk in Washington about an infrastructure bill, its passage would depend on Congress taking action, which as of the time this was written, is highly unlikely. Annually, about $45 billion in funding is provided, but $150 billion is actually needed just to maintain drinking water infrastructure.

Whole Home Filtration protects you and your family

The loss of the Clean Water Act and crumbling water infrastructure does not bode well for drinking water quality. Big polluters are going to be able to dump toxic waste into your water supply, and your local water utility is unlikely to be able to filter it out. This sad fact is already playing out: Cities across the country struggle with lead-tainted water, fracking is making tap water both flammable and toxic in many areas around the country, and chemical spills happen constantly. You can’t trust the quality of the water coming out of your tap from day to day.

Did you know? There is no safe level for lead in water. It builds up in your body over time and attacks your brain and nervous system. The harm it does to your health is irreversible.

Whole home filtration is the answer, it stops toxic chemicals in your water supply before they ever enter your home. Thanks to ion-trapping technology, modern whole-home systems like Life’s Dolphin whole home filtration system can effectively filter a wide range of contaminants. Because of the Dolphin system’s ability to filter many contaminants, it acts as a sort of insurance policy for your family’s health from unknown toxins that can appear in your water due to chemical spills or other problems. Even if you and your local water utility aren’t aware that a new toxic chemical has entered your water, the Dolphin system will be on guard, protecting you from it.

Keep in mind that it is common for a spill such as a pipeline rupture to leak for days and even weeks before it is discovered! In other cases, such as the recent discovery of high levels of perfluorooctanoic acid discovered in the water supplies in California and 27 other states, the chemical has been present for decades. It was never discovered because it was only recently that somebody (the Environmental Working Group) decided to test for it.

Think about it: A dangerous chemical is in the water supply of 27 states, and the Federal government never tested for it! How many other dangerous chemicals aren’t they testing for?

Tens of millions of American households have unsafe tap water. Is your home one of them? Find out by calling us at 877-959-7977 We’ll review your local water quality report and any contamination alerts we can find so you can take action to protect yourself right away.

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