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Life’s Super Filters Eliminate Fluoride in Water, VOCs, Metals

Lab-Tested Super Filters provides ultimate protection against fluoride and other toxins

View full detailed lab results here.

Tap water for most people is a toxic stew of pollutants, some of which are put there intentionally by municipal water authorities. VOC’s like chlorine and or chloramine can be found in virtually every water supply, and fluoride at levels known to cause dental fluorosis can be found in virtually every city that fluoridates their water. On top of that, heavy metals are present in many water supplies. Life Ionizers offers two filters – the Fluoride Super filter (AR-100F) and the VOC/Metals Super Filter (AR-100).

life super filter removes fluoride heavy metals infographic

Life’s Super Filter removed all of the fluoride and heavy metals in lab tests, activated alumina and KDF 55 filters didn’t

Lab testing by Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories (ETR) shows that both filters were able  to reduce levels of all of these toxins to below detectable levels.

Should you be worried about toxins in your tap water? Click here for a free water quality report for your city’s municipal water.

Yes! Life’s Super Filters are designed to fit your existing filtration system! They fit standard 10 inch filter housings

Test 1: Fluoride Super Filter Test – No detectable level of fluoride

The EPA allows up to 4 mg/L of fluoride to be present in drinking water. ETR labs tested the Super filter with 4 mg/L fluoride in the test water. The Fluoride Super Filter removed all of it, the lab test showed that there was no detectable level of fluoride in the water after passing through the Super Filter.

Fluoride Super Filter beat Activated Alumina Filter

The Fluoride Super Filter was tested against the top competing filter that uses activated alumina. Most companies that sell anti-fluoride filters that use activated alumina. But activated alumina isn’t as good as the Fluoride Super Filter, it left 0.20 mg/L of fluoride (50%) in the water.

Test 2: Super Filter VOC Test – No detectable level of VOC’s

Chlorine and chloramine are both added to disinfect water, and there is no question that both make water supplies safer from bacterial and viral infections. But the problem is, both chemicals form VOC’s like chloroform when they break down organic matter. The VOC’s were also eliminated by a competing filter that used KDF-55, which is commonly used as a VOC filter.

Test 2: Super Filter Heavy Metals Test

After it had removed all of the VOC’s from the test water, the Super Filter was tested again to see if it could filter out chromium, mercury, lead, and copper. The Super Filter removed all of these metals to below detectable levels.

Super Filter beat KDF-55 Filter

The competing KDF-55 filter was also tested for the same metals that the Super Filter was tested for. The KDF-55 filter failed to remove 0.053 mg/L copper and 0.01 mg/L of lead from the test water.

Why Life’s Super Filters beat the competition

Life’s Super Filter line of filters uses our proprietary Ion-trapping Technology Composite Blend (ITCB) technology, which was developed by our research staff.

What makes ITCB technology different from conventional filters is that it magnetically attracts toxins, and then binds them to itself. This means that the toxin can’t escape the filter. KDF-55 and activated alumina just can’t protect you like Life’s Super Filters can.

Life exclusive filtration technologies protect you from Fluoride, VOC’s, and heavy metals better than competing filters. Call us today at 877-959-79779 and we’ll find you the right filter for the toxins in your water.


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    Will says:

    Hello, I’m looking for an Life Ionizer that will produce perfect alkaline water and will remove fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine and other chemicals, viruses and parasites. A Ionizer that isn’t too expensive but that has good feedback and worthy. Any information and details would be greatly appreciated.


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