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What is in Drinking Water

Toxic Chemicals: The most common toxic things you’ll find in your drinking water are chlorine, chloramine and their byproducts. Fluoride will be present if it is added by your municipal water authority. Other toxic chemicals that can be found in your water depend on where you live.  If you live in Jacksonville Florida, you have the worst water quality in the nation, with highly toxic chemicals like trihalomethanes, lead, and arsenic present at harmful levels.

The Toxic 10  US Cities with the worst  water quality.

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What is in drinking water? A mix of healthy and unhealthy elements

Beneficial Minerals: Did you know? Your body absorbs calcium and magnesium 30% faster and easier from water than it does from food or supplements! The minerals found in drinking water – calcium carbonates and magnesium carbonates mostly – are very good for your health. If you have hard water, that means your drinking water is loaded with essential nutrients you need to get every day for better health, but you’re probably not drinking it.

Taste: The problem with hard water

The minerals in hard water that make it healthy also make it taste bitter, or like chalk. Many people buy bottled water to avoid the taste of their tap water. Buying water in bottles is expensive and, ironically, most bottled water isn’t as beneficial to your health as your bad-tasting tap water! Most bottled waters have low mineral content and contain many of the same chemicals that tap water does!

How to fix bad tasting drinking water

A home water ionizer will make your tap water taste better than any other home water filtration system. Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes slightly sweeter and more refreshing than plain water. If you want to get the health benefits of drinking more water, a water ionizer makes it easy for you by simply making your water taste great. In fact, Life Ionizers Guarantees we will make your tap water taste better than the water you’re drinking now.

Toxins: Because the toxins found in drinking water depend on where you live, Life Ionizers evaluates the annual water quality report that your municipal water authority gives to the EPA. You get a custom pre-filter system with your Life Ionizer that is specific to the toxins in your drinking water. Life Ionizer uses laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Block® (patent pending) filtration technology to address chlorine and chloramines in found in your drinking water.

Benefits of a Life Alkaline Water Ionizer

    • Best tasting water – Guaranteed.

    • Laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Block® chlorine/chloramine filtration technology

    • Custom pre-filter for the contaminants and toxins found in your water

    • Health benefits of alkaline water

    • Benefits of acidic water for hair and skin

  • Saves Money – Much cheaper in the long run than bottled water

A water ionizer really is the best way to fix the problems with your drinking water and make it taste great. You get all the water you want, it never runs out! Compare that to bottled water, which you constantly run out of.

Consider this: You will be drinking water every day for the rest of your life. Drinking water is good for your health. A water ionizer makes it easy to drink more water and is a lot cheaper than bottled water. You will save money, and enjoy a better quality of life, with a water ionizer.

Yes! We can put a water ionizer in your home for less than you’d pay for bottled alkaline waters! Call us today at 877-959-7977 for a consultation with one of our water quality experts. Your water will be taste better than the water you’re drinking right now – we guarantee it.


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