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Water Pollution: The 10 worst cities in America

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Water Pollution is rampant across the US

 Water Pollution Hall of Shame

10. Jacksonville, Fla.

What’s wrong: According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) 23 different toxic chemicals were found in Jacksonville’s water supply. The chemicals most frequently discovered in high volumes were trihalomethanes, like chloroform. Other dangerous chemicals like lead and arsenic were also found.

How it will kill you: Many trihalomethanes are believed to be carcinogenic. Lead is very harmful to children; it results in stunted growth, kidney problems, and nervous system disorders, seizures and death. Arsenic is extremely poisonous to humans; it can cause cancer, strokes, heart disease as well as kidney failure.

9. San Diego, CA.

What’s wrong: The home of Life Ionizers™, According to California’s Department of Public Health, San Diego’s drinking water system contains about 20 contaminants.  The worst offenders are trihalomethanes and manganese, a natural element that’s a byproduct of industrial manufacturing.

How it will kill you: Trihalomethanes as has already been mentioned cause cancer. Manganese attacks the brain and nervous system; symptoms of manganese poisoning are similar to Parkinson’s syndrome, including slurred speech, awkward movement, and lethargy.

8. North Las Vegas, NV.

What’s wrong: North Las Vegas’ water supply had a total of 26 contaminants, compared with the national average of eight. The water contained an extremely high level of uranium, a radioactive element. Trihalomethanes, arsenic, and bromate were also found at disturbing levels

How it will kill you: Uranium builds up in the body over time. Its effects are marked by a general decline in health, and cancer. Bromate poisoning can cause cancer, and symptoms include deafness and kidney failure.

7. Omaha, NE

What’s wrong: 20 chemicals that are above health guidelines were found in Omaha’s water, and four of those were detected in illegal amounts. These were atrazine, trihalomethanes, nitrate and nitrite, and manganese.

How it will kill you: Long term exposure to atrazine causes respiratory problems, limb paralysis and death. Nitrate poisoning is marked by respiratory difficulties, and is known to cause “blue baby” syndrome in infants. Manganese attacks the central nervous system.

6. Houston, TX.

What’s wrong: Between 2004 and 2007 tests found 18 chemicals that exceeded federal and state health guidelines, compared to the national average of four. A total of 46 pollutants were detected, compared to the national average of eight. The city water has contained illegal levels of alpha particles, a form of radiation. Similarly, haloacetic acids, from various disinfection byproducts, have been detected.

How it will kill you: Alpha particles are a short lived form of ionizing radiation that mutates and destroys living tissue. Just like uranium, you can expect a general decline in health, cancer, and many other health problems.  The effects of haloacetic acids have not been well documented, but evidence links exposure with birth defects.

5. Reno, NV.

What’s wrong: 126 chemicals were tested for in Reno over four years, 21 were discovered in the city’s water supply, eight were detected in levels above EPA health guidelines, and three, manganese, tetrachloroethylene, and arsenic occurred in illegal amounts.

How it will kill you: Tetrachloroethylene is deemed a likely carcinogenic. Arsenic is extremely poisonous to humans, and manganese is a neurotoxin, so it is a tossup as to whether cancer will kill you before you get Parkinson’s.

4. Riverside County, CA.

What’s wrong: The water in Riverside County contained 13 chemicals that exceeded recommended health guidelines over the four tested years, and one that exceeded legal limits. In total, 22 chemicals were detected in the district’s water supply. The contaminant exceeding legal health standards was tetrachloroethylene.

How it will kill you: Kidney and liver problems have both been attributed to long term exposure to tetrachloroethylene; research indicates it is likely to cause cancer as well.

 3. Las Vegas, NV.

What’s wrong: Las Vegas has the dubious honor of making this list twice. Vegas water has a large range of pollutants. Some of the worst contaminants included radium-226, radium-228, arsenic and lead.

How it will kill you: You are gambling with your life if you even touch the water in Vegas. You can make bets on what will kill you first, radiation poisoning, cancer, liver and kidney failure, neurological problems, and more,

2. Riverside, CA.

What’s wrong: Riverside County water (#4 on this list!) is bad enough, but Riverside city water is far worse.  15 chemicals were found that exceeded health guidelines and one was found that exceeded legal standards. Since 2004, the water has almost consistently had alpha particle activity, traces of bromoform (a form of trihalomethane) and uranium.

How it will kill you: The alpha particle activity and uranium will give you radiation poisoning if the bromoform doesn’t give you cancer first.

1. Pensacola, FL.

What’s wrong: The worst water in the nation is found in Pensacola. 45 chemicals were detected, and 21 were discovered in unhealthy amounts. The worst of these were radium-228 and -228, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, alpha particles, benzene and lead. Cyanide and chloroform were also detected.

How it will kill you: There are so many severe toxins in Pensacola’s water that it is impossible to determine which will do you in first. Take your pick of radiation poisoning, cancer, liver and kidney failure, or any number of neurological diseases.

What you can do to protect yourself from radioactive water pollution

We know of no commercially available filters designed to protect you from the damaging effects of radiation, if you live in any of the areas listed in this article for radioactive water pollution, you should move.

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