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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Chicago’s Toxic Tap Water and Why you need whole Home filtration

Flint Michigan isn’t alone in suffering from toxic tap water, Chicago has its share of lead-tainted water as

Chicago’s Toxic Tap Water and Why you need whole Home filtration

Chicago has toxic tap water thanks to lead, PFOA/PFOS and hexavalent chromium six well. Plus, in Chicago, just like Flint, the city and state has been trying to hide it’s toxic tap water from city residents. In what can only be called an act of depraved indifference, Chicago has been hiding the fact that very high levels of lead have been found in that city’s’ tap water. Compounding this problem is that toxic levels of Perfluoroalkyls, (PFOA and PFOS) have also been found in Chicago’s tap water. Americans need to wake up to the fact that the city they live in may very well be letting them drink and bathe in toxic tap water, before it’s too late.

Chicago’s toxic tap water

A class lawsuit filed last year contends that the City of Chicago has known about the lead issue for years and has hidden it from residents. Chicago has more lead water lines than any other city, purportedly 80% of the city is served by lead pipes. Any kind of work on those pipes will cause lead to life-ionizer-reviews-filtrationleach into the water.

Chicago knows this, but has done work on its lead pipes without warning residents that their water was going to be poisoned by lead. Levels of lead up to 1,100 parts per billion have been detected in Chicago’s water. The maximum “safe” level of lead in water is 15 parts per billion, according to EPA standards. However, the Centers for Disease Control warns that there is no safe level of lead in water.

Chicago had not even tested it’s water from 2012 to 2016, it was simply ignoring the danger. It only tested the water in response to an FOIA request by Chicago’s Better Government Association, a government watchdog. The lawsuit being brought against Chicago seeks class certification, the establishment of a medical monitoring program, and a trust fund to pay for testing for lead poisoning. It is also seeking damages for negligent misrepresentation, negligence, and inverse condemnation.

Lead is only one of Chicago’s water woes

As if lead and PFOA PFOS in Chicago’s toxic tap water wasn’t bad enough, Chicago’s Department of Water Management is reporting that unsafe levels of hexavalent chromium six have been found in Lake Michigan. The hexavalent chromium six comes from a chemical spill from a US Steel plant in Indiana. Lake Michigan is a source of drinking water for Chicago, so far the levels of hexavalent chromium six haven’t exceeded unsafe levels, but the city is monitoring it.

As mentioned earlier in the article, Perfluoroalkyls, (PFOA and PFOS) have also been found in Chicago’s tap water. PFOA and PFOS are extremely harmful, even in tiny amounts because the body does not expel them very quickly. So with even small amounts in water, if consumed over a long period of time, PFOA and PFOS will build up in the body to unsafe levels. Of course, the City of Chicago doesn’t test for PFOA and PFOS, so residents have likely been exposed to these two toxic chemicals for years, without even knowing that they were being poisoned.

Whole home filtration: Your only defense against toxic tap water

Chicago isn’t the only city with toxic tap water woes, over 1,000 cities are reported to have unsafe levels of lead in their water. PFOA and PFOS contamination is also widespread, and it’s concentrated mostly in major cities. Millions of people are affected by these and other harmful chemicals in their water, and the people living in those cities don’t even know they’ve been poisoned.

Whole home filtration is your only defense against unknown toxins in your water supply. It stops toxins before they enter your home water system. The scariest part of America’s increasingly toxic tap water is that there are toxins in our water supply that we don’t know about – and our local water utilities won’t, or can’t, warn us about them.

A wide-spectrum home filtration system like Life’s Dolphin whole home filtration system is the best defense against unknown toxins. Life’s Dolphin system uses space-age ion-trapping technology. It blocks a wider range of toxins than conventional filter technology. A Life Ionizers whole home Dolphin system offers the best protection against toxins that you – and your local water utility – don’t even know are in your water.

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