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Water Pollution Facts about Perfluoroalkyls, Toxins the EPA doesn’t regulate

Many people believe that their water supply is safe because the EPA has rules to protect them from any toxic

Water Pollution Facts about Perfluoroalkyls, Toxins the EPA doesn’t regulate

Whole home filtration is your only defense against PFOA and PFOS

chemicals that may be found in water supplies. But research conducted by the EPA itself proves that assumption is wrong – dangerously wrong. According to the EPA, dangerous levels of two unregulated and highly toxic chemicals, poly- and perfluoroalkyl compounds (PFOA and PFAS) have been detected in the drinking water supplies of millions of American homes. Worse yet, PFOA and PFAS exposure have been linked to high cholesterol and obesity, both of which are widespread public health epidemics. PFOA toxins in your tap water may very well be killing you.

An Epidemic? Health risks of poly- and perfluoroalkyls (PFAS)

Adults: PFAS have been linked with thyroid problems, cancer, hormone disruption, high cholesterol, and obesity. High cholesterol and obesity are of special concern: Both of these health problems are at epidemic levels in North America, and while PFOA poisoning isn’t the only cause, the level that PFAS contribute to these health problems is significant, but not well understood. Population studies on the health effects of PFAS are ongoing, which basically means that authorities are using the general population (all of us!) as guinea pigs.

Children: PFAS also have been found to suppress the immune system in infants and children. They are potent immune disruptors that are believed to do permanent damage to a child’s immune system. They are also strongly linked to low birth weight: A one nanogram increase (Millionth of a gram!) is associated with an 18.9-gram reduction in birth weight. The problem with PFOA exposure doesn’t stop at birth, either. PFOA are found in breast milk if they are present in local water supplies.

Where PFOA and PFOS water pollution is found

The map below shows where PFOA and PFOS contamination that exceeds safe levels has been found. The highest levels of PFOA and PFOS contamination was found near industrial sites, military bases, and

PFOA map image

If you are in a blue area, your water has unsafe levels of PFOA and PFOS

wastewater treatment plants. Keep in mind, the data used to make the map is incomplete: Data is lacking for almost one-third of the US population, about 100 million people. If you live in the white areas on the map, there is no data for your community. You may want to have your water tested if you are concerned about PFOA and PFOS contamination.

Whole Home Filtration is the only solution for PFOA and PFOS

PFOA and PFOS are absorbed through the skin as well as through drinking water. Because of this, the only filtration system that will completely protect you from those toxic chemicals is whole home filtration. These toxins are effectively removed by carbon block filtration. Any of the whole home systems offered by Life Ionizers will filter PFOA and PFOS. Your best bet in whole home filtration is Life’s Dolphin system. It uses the most advanced filtration technology – called ion trapping – so it filters the widest range of contaminants. PFOA and PFOS aren’t the only toxins that aren’t regulated by the EPA, so there may be other dangerous and unknown toxins lurking in your water supply. The Dolphin system gives you the most possible protection against any unknown toxins in your water supply.

Worried about what’s in your water? Call us at 877-959-7977 for a free consultation. We’ll tell you what has been found in your water, right over the phone.

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