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Kangen water may contain TOXIC heavy metals

Enagic Kangen Water Machine

Waning: This machine may make unsafe water!

Kangen Water® can contain toxic heavy metals. The Kangen water® machine’s filter is unable to remove heavy metals or salts in water.  According to Enagic®  the Kangen machine’s manufacturer, under filter specifications buried in the fine print on on the page it says: “Elements not removable – Metallic ions and/or salinity present in the original tap water.”  In water, heavy metals such as mercury and lead show up as metallic ions. So if you’re drinking Kangen Water, you will also be drinking heavy metals if they are present in your tap water. If you live in an older home with lead in the pipes, and own a Kangen machine, you need to get the heavy metal filters for it – Now.

Enagic Kangen charges extra for the right filters to protect you – Life Ionizers includes the filters you need for your water quality for free. Enagic  expects you to pay $150 extra if you need custom filtration. Compare that to Life Ionizers – custom filtration is included free with every water ionizer. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer company that makes sure you have the right filters no matter how bad your water quality is!

What kind of heavy metals could be in Kangen Water?

Mercury.Lead, Aluminum, Copper, Antimony, Uranium and others. Heavy metals are harmful because they build up in your cells. They are neurotoxins  which cause damage to the brain and nervous system, leading to problems like dementia and even cancer. Mercury and lead are harmful even in small amounts – especially to children! Despite the danger posed by heavy metals metallic ions, Enagic® Kangen® filtration does not treat for them. All Life water ionizers filter heavy metals.  Heavy metal filtration is built right into the machine’s filters.

Who should worry about heavy metals in their water

If you live anywhere near a hydraulic fracturing “fracking” well, or close to coal ash disposal ponds, you are at very high risk for heavy metal contamination in your water supply. If you live in an older home with lead in the pipes, you almost certainly have lead in your water.

Did you know? The small amount of mercury in one CFR light bulb is enough to kill all the fish in a 1000 acre pond, and with these bulbs becoming more common, mercury contamination is bound to increase.

Kangen Water®  may Contain Salt

Enagic® Kangen Water® Salt Levels

Enagic® LevelLuk SD-501® INCREASED the sodium in the water

Kangen water® will almost certainly contain salt. Salinity is present to some degree in nearly all tap water, Life Ionizers uses custom filtration to reduce it to safe levels for your protection. Salt in the water going through a water ionizer is dangerous because the ionization process turns salt into chlorine!

Life Ionizers custom filtration protects you from dangerous salinity in your water supply.

Want heart trouble? If you need to watch your sodium intake, you should be wary of the Enagic® Kangen®’s  sodium filtration deficiency. You would have to purchase filters from Enagic at substantial additional cost to reduce the levels of sodium in your water.

Life Ionizers compared to Enagic: Removal of salt from water

Kangen Water Chloride Levels

SD-501 actually INCREASED Chloride content as well

The chart to the left shows how well a Life Ionizer removes salt compared to the Kangen Water machine. The source water used for this test contained about 70 mg/L of salt. The kangen machine’s water actually contained 75 mg/L of salt! Where did the extra salt come from? The Kangen machine used in this test was purchased used. It had salt residues in it from Enagic’s electrolysis enhancer – a chemical salt solution used to make strong Kangen water. The fact is, you should never use salt solutions in water ionizers that make drinking water, because it leaves a residue that is dangerous to your health.

The Life Ionizer reduced the salt in this test from 70 mg/L to 3 mg/L, which makes it safe for the ionization process. Life water ionizers use multiple filters and custom filtration to protect you from salt when it is present in your water. Multiple filtration is a necessity due to  the poor quality of most tap water. Custom filtration greatly improves the quality of the water you’re drinking. It is the only way you can be sure that you’re protected from the contaminants found in your water supply. Life Ionizers  combination of multiple internal filters and custom filtration  is why Life Ionizers is considered to be the industry leader in water ionizer filtration – by our competitors!!!

Want better alkaline water? Get a Life

Life Ionizers® vs Kangen Water® chart

Life Ionizers® reduced TDS, Enagic® did not.

The healthiest glass of alkaline water starts with better filtration. Life Ionizers™ custom  filtration technologies  have been proven to be the best of any water ionizers on the market today  in independent lab tests performed by ETR Independent Labs – An EPA certified testing lab.

Life Ionizers Custom Filtration includes:

  • Vitamin C Ceramic Block® Filter Technology (patent pending) – Highly effective against chlorine and chloramines.
  • Charged Modified Composite Blend® (patent pending)  – Highly effective against heavy metals and salt
  • Designed for your water quality – Technician reviews your water quality report, and then designs custom filters for your tap water –  free!

Custom filtration  is crucial if the alkaline water you’re drinking is actually going to be good for your health. Small amounts of  chemicals like chlorine actually make alkaline water toxic! Chlorine in alkaline water can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease. Life’s Vitamin C Ceramic Block® filtration technology is laboratory grade chlorine and chloramines elimination technology.

Life Ionizers® makes sure that your water is properly filtered  using custom filtration. Every new Life Ionizer comes with a free customized filtration system to  make sure that you are getting the purest, healthiest alkaline water possible. No other brand can make that promise to you!

For more information about how Life Ionizers® protects and promotes your health, call us today at: 877-959-7977



ETR Certified Independent Labs:

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