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Alkaline Water Detoxification proved by Study

Alkaline Water Detoxification proved by Study by Life Water Ionizers

Detoxification from 10 Heavy metals  Research  shows that drinking alkaline water may provide detoxification of 10 heavy metals from your body. A study called The effect of daily consumption of 2 liters of electrolyzed water for 2 months on body composition and several physiological parameters in four obese subjects monitored the effects of drinking alkaline water on 4 middle-aged people who had never drank alkaline water before. The study was conducted over a 2 month period. Researchers monitored heavy metal levels in the test subjects urine and blood during the study. All study participants  showed increased discharge of heavy metals  in their urine for the first couple of days after they started drinking alkaline water, indicating that their bodies were releasing heavy metals. Blood tests also confirmed that heavy metals were being pulled from the tissues.

Fact: Raising urine pH is a proven method of increasing the body’s ability to discharge harmful substances like heavy metals

Alkaline Water Detoxification proved by Study

10 toxins that were excreted by study participants


Alkaline Water Heavy Metal Detox

During the two months the study was conducted all four test subjects continuously excreted heavy metals, but the levels of heavy metals detected in their blood and urine gradually declined. This suggests that heavy metal detoxification using alkaline water is likely a gradual process.  The people examined in this study continued their normal eating habits and lifestyle.This means it’s likely that they had ongoing exposure to heavy metals during the study.Drinking alkaline water  enabled their bodies to detox from heavy metals on an ongoing, daily basis. The long-term benefit of alkaline water for detoxification was also shown in a long term Swedish study that tested hair samples of women in Sweden. That study compared women who drank acidic well water to women who drank alkaline well water. That research showed that alkaline water shows a protective effect from mercury.

Can Alkaline Water help you detoxify?

See for yourself: Everyone’s body is different, so you should see for yourself. The detoxification process observed in the study started immediately. So the best way to find out, is to have your blood and urine tested for heavy metals by a health professional, then start drink alkaline water, and have yourself tested again.  Raising the pH  of your blood and urine helps the body discharge poisons, so it’s likely that if heavy metals are in your system, raising the pH of your urine and blood will help your body rid itself of them.

Do a 60 day experiment: Life Ionizers offers a 60 day return policy on water ionizers, so you actually can see for yourself if alkaline water is for you. It’s likely that you’ll join the thousands of satisfied Life Ionizer customers that have taken charge of their health with alkaline water and improved lifestyles. Life Ionizers even has a resource to help you get started on that healthy lifestyle called The Alkaline Lifestyle.

Why Life Water Ionizers are best for detoxification

Do you know what toxins are in your water? We do! When you buy a Life Ionizer, we evaluate the annual water quality report filed with the EPA by your local water authority. Based on the information in that report Life Ionizers will customize the filtration system of your new Life Ionizer to target those toxins with the right filters. Every new Life Ionizer also has Life’s patent-pending Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration technology. Laboratory grade technology for  chlorine and chloramines reduction.

Kangen Water may Contain Heavy Metals

Think Kangen Water is Pure? Think again. The filter in the kangen machine does not  remove heavy metals from water. If there are heavy meals in your water, and you’re using a Kangen Water machine to ionize it, then you are drinking contaminated water. Drinking Kangen Water may actually sabotage your detoxification program! To ensure that the water from a Kangen Water machine is safe to drink, you need customized filtration – but Enagic, the makers of the Kangen machine don’t offer filtration system customization.

Warning: The Kangen Water System does NOT filter heavy metals or salt found in your water! (Source: Enagic website, water filtering specifications for the Leveluk SD-501)

FACTS about the study this article is based on

4 People This study was conducted on 4  people (average age of 52.5 years) all of whom were clinically obese (average weight = 255 Lbs, and Body Mass Index average 39.75).  Study participants lost an average of 12 pounds during this study. It’s likely that some of the heavy metals that were discharged by the participant’s bodies may have been stored in their fat tissue. Those metals would be discharged from fatty tissues as the test subjects lost weight.

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The effect of daily consumption of 2 liters of electrolyzed water for 2 months on body composition and several physiological parameters in four obese subjects: a preliminary report. Guy E. Abrabam, Jorge D. Flebas. Original Internist.  Sept 2011 v18 i3 p96(9).


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