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Nitrate Cartridge Pre-Filter
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Life KDF-85 Pre-Filter
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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

The New 2018 Life Ionizers are Here!

New for 2018. Life Ionizers M Series XL water ionizers are the most powerful, efficient, water ionizers in the world. Life’s new alkaline water machines deliver higher pH and antioxidant ORP levels than all other ionizers. At the same time, Life’s new ionizers are more water efficient, so you get more alkaline water and less acidic water.
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Antioxidant Alkaline Water shown to Extend Lifespan: Study

Antioxidant alkaline water has been shown in studies to be able to extend lifespan. Research suggests it slows the aging process by counteracting harmful Reactive Oxygen Species in the body that contribute to premature aging and the development of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia
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Does Alkaline Water lose its Alkalinity?

Alkaline water will lose its alkalinity and it’s antioxidant potential over time. You can prolong alkaline water’s freshness if you store it properly, but as a rule, alkaline water is a drink best consumed fresh from the ionizer.
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What is Ionized Water Good for?

There are two kinds of ionized water: Alkaline and acidic. Alkaline water is drank for health purposes. Acidic water is used as a beauty rinse and a lot more. In fact, ionized water could save you a ton of money on bottled water, beauty products and cleaning products. A water ionizer is an investment that pays for itself
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Life Ionizers now Medicard Certified

Life Ionizers are now certified as medical devices eligible for financing through Canada’s Medicard program. Canada joins other countries such as Japan, Italy, and Korea that certify water ionizers as medical devices
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