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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

How Water is Ionized by a Water Ionizer

All water in nature is ionized water. How water is ionized by a water ionizer is that the alkaline and acidic ions in water are separated into alkaline and acid fractions. That’s why there are two water outlets that discharge water while the machine is running.
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Where does alkaline water come from?

Antioxidant alkaline water is found in nature in only 7 places on Earth. The only other way to get it is to make it yourself. The alkaline water you find in stores is not antioxidant alkaline water. It has alkalinity, but not antioxidant potential
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Is ionized alkaline water natural alkaline water?

Ionized alkaline water is found naturally in just 7 places on Earth. Water ionizers also make ionized alkaline water, but is it the same? Yes, the ionized alkaline water made by a water ionizer has the same legendary health restorative properties that have made Earth’s rare, antioxidant water springs the stuff of legend.
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The Truth about Ionized Water

All water found in nature is ionized water, what gives ionized alkaline water it’s health-restorative qualities is how its ionized. The negatively charge ions in ionized alkaline water give it antioxidant power that fights damaging Reactive Oxygen Species.
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How to destroy a Kangen Water machine

Would you buy a $4000 appliance that can destroy itself? What if that appliance could destroy itself and the damage wasn’t covered by your warranty? This shocking surprise is exactly what awaits you if you buy a Kangen Water® machine. According to the  Enagic Kangen® website, damage caused by Enagic’s
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Water Ionizer vs Water Ozonator

Water ionizers make ionized alkaline water. Water ozonators generated ozone, a disinfectant. One of these is good for you, the other isn’t. There are over 40 studies on the health benefits of alkaline water. Ozone is a disinfectant with no known medical uses.
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What is Alkaline Water Made of?

The secret ingredients in alkaline water: Antioxidant mineral compounds that alkaline water make it better for your health than plain water. There is a difference between alkaline water and regular water and very few people understand it. Discover the health-restorative secret behind alkaline water that almost nobody knows about!
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How to Alkalize Water

There are several ways you can alkalize water, but some ways are healthier than others. This article shows you healthy ways alkalize water. Did you know that even a little chlorine makes alkaline water bad for your heart?
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What toxins do water ionizers filter out?

Comparison of the top brands of water ionizer for filtration. All water ionizer filtration systems are NOT created equal! Here are the facts: Ionizers with multiple internal filters remove the most contaminants, the best ionizers come with customized filtration systems that target the toxins in your water. Make sure you insist on custom filtration – or you’re not protected against waterborne toxins!
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New LC-11 Commercial Water Ionizer Means Business

The Life LC-11 commercial water ionizer boosts employee morale and increases productivity. Give your employees the healthy water they pay $2 – $3 a bottle for in stores. Alkaline water improves your hydration and boosts energy. With the LC-11 your employees can beat the 3 O’clock crash!
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Does the FDA Regulate Water Ionizers?

The FDA regulates the health claims that water ionizer companies can make, but beware! Not all companies follow the rules. The EPA regulates water ionizers filtration performance claims. What is not regulated are the plastics used in a water ionizer.
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Best Portable Water Ionizers under $1,000

On a tight budget? Want an ionizer that can travel? You’re in luck! The Life Ionizers Fuzion is the most powerful ionizer under $1,000, and it’s portable! Another budget friendly option is the Pitcher of Life, it’s better than a Brita and makes healthy, great tasting alkaline water for only $49.
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