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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Do Water Ionizers make Natural Alkaline Water?

Yes, water ionizers make naturally alkaline water. The fact is, there is no way to make “unnatural” alkaline water. In fact, there is only one way to make water alkaline, which is to add an alkali to it. Water ionizers increase water’s alkalinity by concentrating the alkaline minerals found naturally
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Alkaline Water Systems for Home Use

There are two kinds of alkaline water systems made today for home use: Water ionizers, which make  water alkaline using electricity, and alkaline water filters which make water alkaline by adding minerals to it. Each  system has its advantages, and many people find it advantageous to have both. Alkaline Water
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Do Water Ionizers Really Work?

Do Water Ionizers Really Work? The facts. Water ionizers do work, and there is a lot of scientific evidence to prove it. A water ionizer is a machine that uses electricity to change the structure and content of the minerals in water. Water ionizers sold for home use make ionized
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How a Water Ionizer Works

Studies show that ionized alkaline water provides a beneficial source of age-fighting antioxidants. This makes it better for you than plain water. Many water ionizer ads claim that the benefit comes from splitting or structuring water molecules, but hard science (and many skeptics) suggests they’re wrong. Life Ionizers has been
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Want Better Kangen Water®? Get a Life Ionizer

Want Better Kangen Water®? Get a Life Ionizer! Check It Out. Kangen® water is claimed by Enagic’s® network of multi-level marketing salespeople to be the cure for a literally unbelievable number of ailments. Unfortunately, although some of the claims may be true, the FDA doesn’t allow you to make them
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Water Ionizer Plates GRID vs MESH vs Flat

Many water ionizers sold today offer either traditional flat plates or MESH plates. Companies such as Life Ionizers offer both flat and the advanced MESH plates and states that MESH plates are better because they provide more surface area for water to flow over. Other companies such as Enagic® which offers only flat plates in their ionizers, argue that their flat plates are very durable, and work just as well as MESH plates.
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Life Ionizer 9200 Installation Video

Want To Learn More About Life Ionizer 9200 Installation Videos? Video Transcription: Today we’re going to demonstrate the installation of the Life Ionizer 9100 convertible ionizer. The difference between the 91 convertible series and its 92, is that the 92 comes with a faucet, which allows you to install it
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