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Life Ionizers now Medicard Certified


Great news Canada! Life Ionizers now Medicard Certified !

Life Ionizers now Medicard Certified

That’s Right! Now you can finance Life Ionizers through Canada’s Medicard Certified program. The Medicard program in Canada enables people to finance medical devices supplies and procedures. The addition of Life water ionizers to the Medicard program means that Canada joins other nations such as Japan, Italy and Korea in recognizing the potential medical benefits of drinking alkaline water made by a water ionizer.

Water Ionizers as Medical Devices

The US is unique among countries in the degree of control that Big Pharma has over the medical system. The costs to get the studies needed to certify anything as a medical device are onerous. One study that examined the cost and paths for approval estimates that it costs about $800 million dollars to certify something as a medical device. That’s more money than the entire water ionizer industry makes in a year! Plus, it can take up to 12 years to complete the three phases of the certification process. For that reason, the only companies that can get anything certified as a medical device are the Big Pharma companies.

Water Ionizers are General Wellness Devices

Ionized alkaline water is good for you. It

  • Hydrates better than plain water
  • Helps maintain the body’s alkaline buffer
  • Acts like an antioxidant
  • Provides beneficial calcium and magnesium.

Those four qualities of ionized alkaline water are what makes it different and better than plain water. They are the reasons why drinking alkaline water can provide health benefits. But it’s important to recognize that alkaline water isn’t a drug. Alkaline water is a health supplement, just like vitamins and minerals, it promotes general wellness.

Other countries recognize the difference between drugs and general wellness supplements and devices. That’s why countries like Canada, Japan, Korea, and Italy have programs in place to recognize general wellness devices and supplements. The US FDA did consider at one point establishing a certification program for general wellness devices but it never followed up on the idea.

Fun Fact: Among developed nations, the US ranks dead last for healthcare. That means that all of the countries mentioned in this article that do have certifications in place for water ionizers have better healthcare outcomes than the US!

Financing is available on Life Ionizers even if you don’t live in Canada

If you live in the US you can finance a Life Ionizer for less than you’d pay for a month’s supply of bottled alkaline water. A month’s supply of alkaline water is about 2 liters of water per day, enough for a person to drink and prepare some foods with. After paying it off, then your only cost is replacement filters, and the filters in a Life Ionizer can last for up to a year or more, depending on how many people are using the machine. Once you have a water ionizer, you have an unlimited supply of antioxidant alkaline water, and once you taste it, you’ll never want to go back to bottled water ever again.

Fun Fact: Life Ionizers guarantees that the antioxidant alkaline water made by our water ionizers is the best tasting water you ever drank! Want to Learn More about Life Ionizers now Medicard Certified Machines? Click HERE.

If you live in Canada, and want to buy an alkaline water ionizer, it just got a whole lot easier. Canadians can:)


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