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Water Pollution Facts: Alpha Particles

Alpha particles are a form of ionizing radiation that is given off by radioactive materials such as uranium and radon. These particles are finding their way into our water supply in ever larger amounts thanks to the Fukushima disaster and fracking . Where Alpha Particles Come From Alpha particles are
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Water Pollution: The 10 worst cities in America

 Water Pollution Hall of Shame 10. Jacksonville, Fla. What’s wrong: According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) 23 different toxic chemicals were found in Jacksonville’s water supply. The chemicals most frequently discovered in high volumes were trihalomethanes, like chloroform. Other dangerous chemicals like lead and arsenic were also found. How
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Chlorine Filtration Technology: Vitamin C Ceramic Block®

Life Ionizers Exclusive anti-chlorine technology: Life’s patented Vitamin C Ceramic Block® filtration technology neutralizes harmful chlorine & most chloramines. These are disinfectants that are commonly found in drinking water. The advantage of Life’s Vitamin C Ceramic Block filter is two-fold. It removes chlorine PLUS you get the benefits of one
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How UV Light Disinfection Works

UV Light disinfection is the only effective non-chemical means of treating drinking water for bacterial, viral and cyst contamination. The ongoing release of millions of gallons of raw sewage into public drinking water supplies makes UV Light a crucial line of defense against the biological contamination that is currently happening in Midwestern water supplies.
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