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PFAS and PFOA in Tap Water: Emerging Health Threat

110 Million Americans are slowly being poisoned by the water they drink, cook, and bathe in. That’s the conclusion reached in a report on Perfluoroalkyls: PFAS and PFOA in tap water that was suppressed by the White House as a “public relations nightmare. These chemicals are used to coat non-stick
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Water Pollution Terrorizes Village in N.Y. State

Imagine water pollution so toxic it might actually burn your skin off. This nightmare scenario is playing out in Hoosick Falls, NY. Residents are afraid to drink, wash, or bathe in the contaminated water, and this problem is widespread. There are many communities at risk and their residents don’t even know it!
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How to Filter Radon from Water

To filter radon from water, your must use a whole home filtration system. Whole home filtration stops radon in water from entering your home. Granular Activated Carbon is effective at removing radon, but you must replace it annually to stop radiation from building up in your filtration system.
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EXPOSED: Cities intentionally poisoning drinking water

The cities of Flint, Michigan and Sacramento, California tried to save money by exposing their residents to poisonous drinking water – intentionally. In each case, the cities knew there would be risks. Both cities decided not to inform their residents that they were part of a dangerous experiment to save money
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Will a water ionizer work with my water?

Your water must be filtered properly and have some but not too much hardness to work in a water ionizer. Life Ionizers can analyze your water quality to determine if it meets the minimum hardness requirement. If it doesn’t Life can add minerals to your water. You also need to make sure you have the right filters, Life Ionizers analyzes your water quality and gives you those filters for free. Life is the only water ionizer company that provides all it’s customers with a free water quality analysis and free custom filtration to make sure you are drinking the healthiest water possible.
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What toxins do water ionizers filter out?

Comparison of the top brands of water ionizer for filtration. All water ionizer filtration systems are NOT created equal! Here are the facts: Ionizers with multiple internal filters remove the most contaminants, the best ionizers come with customized filtration systems that target the toxins in your water. Make sure you insist on custom filtration – or you’re not protected against waterborne toxins!
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US to lower the amount of Fluoride in Water

The EPA has lowered the fluoride allowed in water to .7 ppm. But is it enough? Research suggests that .03 ppm fluoride causes hypothyroidism. Should you filter the fluoride out of your water? To reduce your chances of developing hypothyroidism, the answer is yes.
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Best Alkaline Ionizer Water Filter for Fluoride Removal

Fluoride removal requires a specific filter designed for fluoride, and very few alkaline ionizers have it. Life Ionizers has the Super Filter™ A100F that specializes in fluoride reduction which is added to the ionizers prefilter system. In independent lab testing, Life’s Super Filter™  was able to reduce fluoride from the
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3 Filters that Remove Fluoride from Water

Facts about Fluoride in drinking water Do you know how much fluoride is in your water? The US EPA allows up to 4 mg/L of fluoride in drinking water, but the agency acknowledges that this level of fluoride is causing dental fluorosis – spotting of the teeth by fluoride –
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How a Shower Filter Protects you from Chlorine

Research shows that the byproducts of water chlorination are harmful to your health. Many people know this and buy water filtration systems to purify their drinking water of chlorine. But they’re missing something big: You are exposed to 6 times as much chlorine in the shower as you are from
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Alkaline Water Filter vs. Water Ionizers Comparison

Alkaline water filters and water ionizers both make alkaline water, but they use different methods. Alkaline water filters alkalize water by adding minerals to it. This system works great unless you have hard water, which is already saturated with minerals. Hard water won’t absorb the minerals from the filter very
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