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3 Filters that Remove Fluoride from Water

Facts about Fluoride in drinking water

Do you know how much fluoride is in your water? The US EPA allows up to 4 mg/L of fluoride in drinking water, but the agency acknowledges that this level of fluoride is causing dental fluorosis – spotting of the teeth by fluoride – in adolescents and teens. There is also evidence that fluoride is associated with other health problems too, such as hardening of the arteries, brittle bones, and even tumors in adults. Thankfully you can remove fluoride from water with the right water filter.

reverse osmosis filtration system image

Reverse osmosis systems are the most effective means of filtering fluoride from water

Did you know? Activated carbon filters like in the Britta Pitcher don’t remove fluoride

Filters that remove fluoride from drinking water

Reverse osmosis is the most common way fluoride is removed from water, it removes up to 99% of all fluoride and other contaminants from water. A drawback to reverse osmosis filtration is that it also removes all the healthy minerals that you need to get from your drinking water. You can fix this problem with a re-mineralization cartridge.

Life’s Fluoride Super Filter is the most economical means of removing fluoride in water, and the most versatile. You can get the Fluoride Super Filter as part of a drinking water filter system, or as a replacement filter for your existing drinking water filter system. It fits in standard 10” housings. Life Super Filter – tested by Independent ETR Labs – was shown to remove 100% of Fluoride in water when water contains the EPA Maximum Contaminant Limit (MCL) for fluoride of 4.0 mg/L

Activated Alumina filters remove some of the fluoride in water, but not all of it. ETR Labs compared the Life Super Filter to an activated alumina filter. The Super Filter removed all of the fluoride from water, activated alumina left 0.20 mg/L (50%) of fluoride in the water.

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Filtration Systems that use fluoride filters

Whole Home Filtration – Life’s Dolphin system uses the same technology in the Life Fluoride Super FIlter and treats all of the water in your home, where drinking water filters treat the water at just one sink.

Drinking Water Filter Systems connect to your sink and can be configured to filter fluoride and other contaminants.

Water Ionizers Life water ionizers can be configured with the Fluoride Super Filter as a pre-filter. Life includes the pre-filter FREE with purchase of a water ionizer. Water ionizers also reduce fluoride in your water by electromagnetically separating fluoride from the alkaline water that water ionizers make. Alkaline water from a water ionizer has additional benefits:

  • Tastes Better – Noticeably more refreshing and a little sweeter than regular water

  • Helps maintain healthy bones – Including teeth!

  • Neutralizes acidity – Helps fight the effects of acidity from food and beverages

  • Natural protection – From the toxic effects of metals like mercury

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