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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

The Alkaline Myth EXPOSED

The alkaline myth is a health scam being run by Marcus Rothkranz, a health “guru” who thinks women can avoid pregnancy by eating a raw diet. Marcus’ advice is definitely sketchy. He advises you not to worry about protein on the same webpage where he’s trying to sell you protein powder!
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The $4,000 alkaline water scam EXPOSED

Dr Rafael Castillo was “shocked” when a relative of his paid $4,000 for a Kangen Water machine. He called it an alkaline water scam. But is it? Yes. The way the Kangen Water machine is sold is scandalous, and something must change. Enagic casts aspersion on the entire water ionizer industry by the way they market the Kangen machine.
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Which Brand of Bottled Alkaline Water is Antioxidant?

There are only 3 brands of bottled alkaline water that claim to be antioxidant: Real Water, NEO Water, and Willard Water. But are they antioxidant water? The problem is: The antioxidant potential of alkaline water doesn’t keep in bottles – unless you add chemicals to it. Do you really trust your health to water with added (and unknown) chemicals?
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GMO Food Health Risks EXPOSED

A recent report by the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility blew a huge hole in claims that the safety of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods was considered to be “settled science”. The report also exposed as fraudulent claims that there is “scientific consensus” on the safety
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Life Ionizers Endorsed for Lupus Care

Lupus Care and Life Ionizers Marisa Zeppieri-Canuara is not the kind of person that lets life make her a victim. Marisa has battled Lupus, Asthma, and other health challenges for much of her life – and she’s winning the fight! In fact, as a board member for the Lupus Foundation
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6 Ways your Drinking Water may be Killing You

When you feel thirsty, you may not think twice about reaching for a glass or a bottle of water. But you might want to think about it, because the water you’re drinking may be robbing you of your health. Bottled water, often promoted with claims of purity and healthfulness, can
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3 Filters that Remove Fluoride from Water

Facts about Fluoride in drinking water Do you know how much fluoride is in your water? The US EPA allows up to 4 mg/L of fluoride in drinking water, but the agency acknowledges that this level of fluoride is causing dental fluorosis – spotting of the teeth by fluoride –
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Concern over Water Pollution Increasing

According to a recent survey released by the Water Quality Association (WQA), 50% of Americans are concerned about the quality of their water. Many people are turning to home water treatment systems to ensure the quality of their water. The leading reasons Americans are growing more concerned about water pollution
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What to do about water pollution in the Philippines

The lives of millions of Filipinos are jeopardized daily by water pollution. The number one health threat from water in the Philippines is a bacterial infection, caused by inadequate sanitation. Thankfully, there are water filtration technologies such as UV Light Disinfection that can make water in the Philippines safer to
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