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Why San Diego tap water tastes bad & how to fix it

Tap water in San Diego tastes bad, it’s bitter and chalky. The reason San Diego tap water tastes so chalky is because it has chalk in it! San Diego has hard water; it has an alkaline pH, and contains high amounts of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Chalk is made of calcium carbonate, so when you drink San Diego tap water, you’re actually drinking chalk!

san diego tap water quality infographic

Life can make San Diego tap water into the best tasting, healthiest glass of water you ever drank, guaranteed!

A home water ionizer fixes the chalky taste of tap water by turning the mineral carbonates in it into mineral hydrates. The process turns chalky tasting tap water into sweet, refreshing alkaline mineral water. In fact, a water ionizer will turn San Diego tap water into the best tasting glass of water you ever drank, Life Ionizers guarantees it.

Is San Diego tap water bad for your health?

If it’s properly filtered, San Diego tap water is actually good for your health! The mineral carbonates in San Diego tap water that make it taste bad are good for your health. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 4 out of 5 Americans are mineral deficient – a problem that contributes to heart disease, bone loss, and even weight gain. You are actually better off drinking filtered San Diego tap water than you are drinking bottled water!

San Diego tap water needs to be properly filtered to make it healthy. This is because there are toxins like chlorine and trihalomethanes in it. In fact, San Diego is #9 on our list of the 10 cities with the most polluted tap water. So if you filter San Diego water it is healthy to drink, but it still tastes chalky!

How Life ionizers fixes San Diego tap water

Life Ionizers supplies San Diego customers with a custom pre-filter that is configured to address the chlorine and trihalomethanes that contaminate San Diego water. Once toxins are filtered out, a Life Ionizer then uses electrodialysis to separate the carbonates from the minerals in the water. When this occurs, the calcium and magnesium in the water then hydrolyze and become mineral hydrates.

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The result is the best-tasting glass of water you ever drank. Alkaline water from Life Ionizers tastes better than bottled water; it’s sweeter and more refreshing. San Diegans could save thousands over the cost of buying bottled water with a Life Alkaline Water Ionizer.

Money Back Guarantee: Life Ionizers will make your water taste great!

Life Ionizers will save you money over the cost of bottled water. Call our healthy water experts today at 877-959-7977 and start drinking healthy, great-tasting alkaline water today!

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