Alkaline Water Filter vs. Water Ionizers Comparison

Image of Life 9200 alkaline water ionizer

Owning a water ionizer is like having your own personal fountain of youth

Alkaline water filters and water ionizers both make alkaline water, but they use different methods. Alkaline water filters alkalize water by adding minerals to it. This system works great unless you have hard water, which is already saturated with minerals. Hard water won’t absorb the minerals from the filter very well.

Water ionizers work by ionizing the minerals that are already present in the water. Water ionizers work great with hard water (if you use a pre-filter) but can have a tough time ionizing soft water because it lacks minerals.

Alkaline Water Filters vs. Water Ionizers: pH and ORP

The pH and ORP of the water you drink have everything to do with the health benefits you get from the water. Water ionizers have a huge advantage because you can adjust the pH and ORP of your water to suit your health needs. With an alkaline water filter you are stuck with one, pre-set pH and ORP level.

Water ionizers also produce water with significantly higher ORP values than alkaline water filters do. The ORP of the water measures its antioxidant potential. If you’re interested in fighting the effects of aging, your choice is simple, get a water ionizer.

Alkaline Water Filters vs. Water Ionizers: Budget

Image of Pitcher of Life - alkaline water filter pitcher

Alkaline water filters are a great way to try out the benefits of alkaline water

Alkaline water filters have the advantage when it comes to budget, at least for the initial purchase. They are an economical way to try out the benefits of alkaline water, but eventually owners find that they are limited and typically those people then purchase a water ionizer to get enough water to fit their lifestyle.

For family sized needs, alkaline water filters usually don’t work out. They make limited quantities of alkaline water before the filter runs out and needs to be replaced. For an average sized family,  filter replacement can get expensive fast!

Alkaline Water Filters vs. Water Ionizers: Lifestyle

Water ionizers make two kinds of water: alkaline water and acidic water, alkaline water filters make only alkaline water. Acidic water has many uses: It is a great rinse for hair and skin, can sanitize surfaces, and even helps in first aid. A water ionizer is definitely more versatile than an alkaline water filter.

Alkaline water filters are usually more portable however, so they are a great way to take your healthy water with you when you travel. Because of this, many people end up buying both. Ultimately, you have to decide what your priorities are, and decide accordingly.

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