Water Ionizer FACTS about Well-Water, Soft Water and Acid Water

In places like New England, water can be very soft and acidic.  Soft water has very low mineral content; it’s not good for you because it lacks the healthy minerals you need like calcium and magnesium. Soft water is often acidic because it soaks up acidifying substances like CO2. If you live in an area with soft water and have a well, your water is probably acidic. If you want to use a water ionizer with soft or acidic water, you need will need to fix the water’s pH and mineral content with a re-mineralization cartridge.

How to fix soft water for use with a water ionizer

water ionizers and well water facts infographic

Problem well water can be fixed with the right filtration

Soft water has very low mineral content, which makes it hard to ionize. Soft water is fixed by adding minerals to it. This is done with a re-mineralization cartridge, which is installed on the water supply to the water ionizer.

What if my well water’s acidic?

Re-mineralizing soft water also neutralizes the water if its acidic. The excess acidity is neutralized by dissolving the minerals, which are alkaline. The result is water that is close to a neutral pH of 7.

If your well water is acidic, we recommend re-mineralizing the water supply for your entire household. Water with a pH of below 6.5 is corrosive to pipes and appliances.

Coral calcium is a great choice for re-mineralizing your soft water. Water rich in the minerals supplied by coral is well-known for extending life. The island of Okinawa – home to more people who live to be 100 than anywhere else on Earth – has water rich in minerals from coral calcium.

Should I have my well water tested?

Yes, the best way to make sure your well water is properly filtered and has healthy nutrients in it is to test it. Here’s what you want to test your well water for:

    • Toxins – So you can get the right filters for your water ionizer

    • Hardness – Tells you how much mineral content is in your water

    • pH – Is your water alkaline or acidic?

  • Turbidity – Measures how much sediment is in your water

The information above can be used by a water quality expert to select the right filtration for your water ionizer. Life Ionizers provides you with a free water quality consultation, and selects the right pre-filter for your water ionizer. The pre-filter is included free with your ionizer.

Can a Life Ionizer protect me from bacteria in my well water?

Yes, Life Ionizers offers our UV light treatment system (patent pending)  as an option on your new water ionizer. UV light treatment is used to destroy bacteria, viruses, and cysts in water. Well water users should be especially concerned about bacterial contamination in their water because their water isn’t treated for bacterial contamination to the same standards that municipal water supplies are.

How does well water taste when treated by a Life Ionizer

Sweet and refreshing. Life Ionizers will make your well water the best tasting water you ever drank – we guarantee it. Call us today at 877-959-7977 and we’ll provide the expert guidance you need to turn your well water into healthy alkaline water.

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