Water Pollution Terrorizes Village in N.Y. State

Water Pollution Terrorizes Village in N.Y. State & Why?

Imagine tap water so toxic that it might actually burn your skin off. This water pollution nightmare has

Water Pollution Terrorizes Village in N.Y. State

PFOA water pollution spreads rapidly and is especially harmful to children and pregnant women

become a reality for residents of Hoosick Falls, NY after residents there discovered that their water has been contaminated with high levels of PFOA, a chemical used to make Teflon. Terrified residents are rushing to have their blood tested, banks are refusing to lend money for mortgages in the area, and parents are afraid to send their children to school.

What is PFOA?

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a toxic chemical that has been linked to cancer, thyroid problems, and serious complications during pregnancy. It is used to make teflon for cookware, but there is no PFOA present in teflon cookware because it is burned off during the manufacturing process. It doesn’t break down in the environment, so once it’s there it remains until it’s cleaned up, or it enters drinking water supplies. Drinking water is the primary source of PFOA exposure and is present in virtually everyone’s body. If you live near a manufacturing plant that used PFOA, it’s likely that the concentration in your body will be higher. The EPA recommends (but does not require) that a maximum level of 0.4 micrograms per liter be allowed in drinking water. PFOA water pollution is a worldwide phenomenon, it can be found all through Europe and other industrialized countries.

PFOA removed by Life Ionizers and filtration systems with Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filters

Filtration systems with GAC filters are recommended for treating water contaminated with PFOA. All Life Water Ionizers come with multi-stage filters that include GAC, so owners of Life Ionizers are already protected from this toxic pollutant. Multi-stage filtration is considered to be the most reliable means for filtering PFOA.

PFOA is absorbed through the skin, as well as by ingestion, so for full protection whole home filtration should be used. A whole home system filters your water at the water supply, so toxins like PFOA are prevented from entering your home’s water supply.

It’s not just Flint: Water Pollution is making tap water unsafe in cities across the US

Flint Michigan and Hoosick Falls are not isolated instances of water pollution, they are part of a larger problem. PFOA water pollution has poisoned water in every state in the US. Lead pollution may be even more widespread, virtually every home on the East Coast is at high risk for lead pollution due to aging infrastructure.

Cities across the US and Europe are finding out that decaying infrastructure and lax environmental regulations come with a steep price: Water pollution is on the rise and we can no longer trust that our water supplies are safe. There are 1,305 Superfund sites in the US. A Superfund site is considered to be the most toxic of toxic waste sites, which makes them eligible for Federal funding for cleanup. The problem is, Congress has regularly failed to fund the Superfund, so there’s no money available for cleanup. About 11 million US citizens live within a mile of a Superfund site, with the highest concentration of Superfund sites along the East Coast. The scary thing about this is, very few of the people who live in affected areas know that they are being exposed to toxic water!

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