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Over 80% of US Tap Water Supplies are Carcinogenic

Over 80% of US Tap Water Supplies are Carcinogenic, is yours?

Nearly all US tap water supplies are unsafe: That’s the conclusion of a blockbuster report by the

Over 80% of US Tap Water Supplies are Carcinogenic?

Is your water supply carcinogenic? Chances are 4 in 5 that the answer is yes

Environmental Working Group (EWG). Over 80% of US tap water supplies have unsafe levels of carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. The EPA knows about many of these chemicals in US tap water supplies and has chosen to do nothing about it. The good news is: The EWG has provided an online searchable database that enables you to find out if your water is affected, so you can take action to protect yourself and your family.

What’s in your tap water? Here’s how to find out

Here is a link to the EWG tap water supply database. You’ll need to enter your zip code, then select your local water utility from the list that the database returns. You will then get a list of the toxins that were found in your water supply. The list will show you the maximum safe level for each toxin, and show you how much of that toxin was found in your water.

Want help understanding the results? Call us at 877-959-7977 to speak with a water quality expert. We’ll explain the results, and what you can do about them, right over the phone.

What the EWG found in US tap water supplies

The EWG has been analyzing US tap water supplies since 2010. They have analyzed over 30 million state water records. They found 267 toxic chemicals in the water supplies of more than 48,000 local water utilities across all 50 states. The chemicals they found are a literal nightmare stew of toxic poisons. Out of the 267 toxins found:

    • 93 are carcinogens
    • 78 are neurotoxins
    • 63 harm children and developing fetuses
    • 38 chemicals were found that cause fertility issues
  • 45 Endocrine (hormone) disruptors

80% of US water supplies have carcinogen levels the exceed safe levels

life-ionizer-reviews-7700-usesChances are, your local water supply has one or more chemicals in it that exceed safe levels for a number of ill-health effects. Worse yet, the EPA will do nothing to stop more toxic chemicals from being dumped into your water supply. The Clean Water Act, which prevents the unsafe dumping of toxins into drinking water supplies, is being cut. The EWG expects this to result in a significant increase in the number of toxic chemicals being dumped into drinking water supplies.

Wide-Spectrum Whole Home filtration offers the best protection

Because there are so many toxic chemicals being found in water supplies, your best bet for protecting yourself and your family is wide-spectrum whole home filtration. Wide spectrum filtration is effective against a wider range of toxins than conventional filtration. Life’s two-tank Dolphin Whole Home filtration system provides the most comprehensive protection against the widest range of contaminants possible.

Some of the toxic chemicals addressed by the two tank Dolphin system

The two-tank Dolphin Whole Home Filtration system uses our proprietary Charged Modified Composite Blend, a technology that was originally developed for NASA for use in the space program. Charged Modified Composite Blend filter media works differently than conventional filter media, it uses an electrostatic charge to bind toxic chemicals inside the filter. Conventional filter media merely tries to block toxins from passing through.

The Dolphin System is designed to reduce

Chlorine – and it’s disinfection byproducts

Heavy Metals – Including lead, hexavalent chromium-6, arsenic

Fluoride – a toxic metal

VOC’s – Such as trihalomethanes, PFOA, PFOS, pesticide residues

Water softeners don’t remove any of those toxic chemicals. Carbon filters only reduce chlorine, they allow heavy metals to enter your home. There are no other whole home filtration systems that offer the comprehensive protection that the Dolphin Whole Home system offers. With vital water safety regulations being rolled back by Washington, the Dolphin Whole Home filtration system is your best bet for protecting your family from carcinogens and other toxins that may be found in your water supply.

For the ultimate in healthy water: Water ionizers and shower filters

Once water passes through your whole home filter, it has been purified of harmful toxins. That makes the water clean, but there’s something else you can do: Make your water healthy. For drinking purposes, that means adding a water ionizer. A water ionizer will turn your tap water into ionized alkaline water, which is beneficial for your health. There are over 40 studies that show health benefits that can result from drinking alkaline water. The benefits of alkaline water are too numerous to list here, but you can click on the link above for more information.

Your shower could contain unsafe elements, even if you’ve filtered the water going into your home. Because you take a shower with hot water, that water can absorb chemicals from plastic pipes, or pick up residues in your home’s plumbing system. A shower filter will protect you from both.

Healthier hair and skin: Life’s new shower filter also lowers the pH of your shower water using Vitamin C. That makes your hair and skin healthy because hair and skin both have a healthy pH of around 3 – 3.5. You will feel the difference with your very first shower!

Worried about your water? Call us at 877-959-7977 for a free analysis of your local water supply. Learn More

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