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Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Better than a Brita®

The Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher of Life® makes water healthy, not just clean


For less than $50, you can have the pitcher that is as good as an alkaline water machine

Filter pitchers have become a popular way to get safe clean drinking water at home. But pitchers like the popular Brita® only filter water. The Pitcher of Life® is better because it is an alkaline water filter pitcher:

  • Charges water with -ORP potential.

Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher of Life® makes your water safer than a Brita®

Both Pitchers reduce levels of chlorine, and lead in your water, but the Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher of Life® also filters over 50 toxic VOC’s.

NASA derived technology – The Pitcher of Life® uses filter technology that was developed for NASA. The filtration technology – called Charged Modified Composite Blend® (patent pending) – is so powerful it is used to remove toxins in astronaut’s urine so it can be re-used as drinking water!

Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher of Life® makes water healthier

Adds Essential dietary minerals – The Pitcher of Life® filters your water better than other filter pitchers. Once your water is clean, the Pitcher of Life® adds essential dietary minerals like calcium and magnesium that you need every day for good health.

pH Balanced – The Pitcher of Life® raises the pH of water to  alkaline levels. Studies have demonstrated that there may be a link between alkaline alkaline water and better bone health.

Loss of calcium has been shown to be linked with poor bone health.  Studies show alkaline water may reduce calcium loss, even if you get enough calcium in your diet!

Both Pitchers cost about the same – for a limited time!

The best part of all this is, for a limited time, Pitcher of Life® costs about the same as a high-end Brita®!

Life Ionizers® is currently offering the Pitcher of Life® at a 45% savings over retail. Normally, Life offers the Pitcher of Life® for $49.95, but right now it is being introduced to the public for only $39.95. We are so certain that you will love your new Pitcher of Life® we guarantee it for a full year!

The Pitcher of Life is an economical way to get the heath benefits of an alkaline water filter pitcher, find out more by calling us at (888) 888-6889 today!

Brita® is a registered trademark of the Clorox Company

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