How Whole Home Filtration Saves You Money

Whole Home Filtration can save Thousands

Dolphin Whole Home Filtration, the system that pays for itself!

Did you know that in addition to protecting your health, a whole home filtration system also saves you money! There are direct savings from not having to buy bottled water; an average family of four spends about $500 per year on bottled water.

There are indirect savings as well, because whole home filtration prevents expensive hard water damage to plumbing and appliances. Treating hard water saves energy too, because hot water heaters use more energy when they become clogged with hard water deposits. Preventing hard water damage saves on average about $500 to $1000 per year.

Clothing is harmed by hard water too. Hard water deposits build up over time in the fabric; this makes clothes less soft, and will dull the colors. It takes more laundry soap to wash in hard water as well. Proper whole home filtration here probably saves you about $100 – $500, depending on how much you spend on clothing.

Whole home filtration saves you money when watering the grass as well. Hard water causes soil to become hardened with mineral deposits. These deposits have a ruinous impact on the quality of your lawn, causing bare spots, stunted growth, and yellowing. Because the ground is hard, it takes more water to irrigate your lawn. The hard ground also wastes water because more water runs off, rather than being absorbed. Some states will cite a homeowner for runoff, so hard water deposits on your lawn can land you in expensive legal problems! The annual savings you get from whole home filtration from your lawn are about $100 – $200, or maybe a lot more if you are given a citation for runoff!

Is a Water Softener a good Choice?

Water softener systems might seem tempting, but they are not a good choice if you intend to drink the water from your system. Drinking water from a water softener is bad for your health. There are two things that make water from a water softener unhealthy:

  • Added Salt
  • Lacks Minerals
  • Tastes Poor
  • Can Contain Toxins

Added Salt – Water softeners use a chemical process known as ion exchange to treat hard water problems. Salt is added to water when hard water ions in water are exchanged for salt ions, the result is unhealthy sodium content in the water.

Lacks Minerals – Studies prove that you get minerals from drinking water. It is also a well-established fact that if water lacks minerals, it will steal them from your bones! By drinking mineral deficient water, you increase your risk of:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Osteoporosis

Tastes Poor – Why is this a health issue you ask? Because dehydration is a major factor in illnesses like high blood pressure and heart disease. One of the largest studies of hydration ever done – over 20,000 participants – has proven beyond all doubt that hydration is important. Taste is a health issue because if your water doesn’t taste good, you won’t drink enough water!

Can Contain Toxins – Water softener systems do not reduce toxin levels in water, they only treat hard water solids such as calcium and magnesium. Ironically, these are the things you want in your water! Hard water simply contains too much of those minerals, a proper whole home filtration system will leave in small amounts of those minerals, which makes the water good for you.

Dolphin Whole Home Filtration Makes Dollars and Sense

The Dolphin Whole Home filtration system uses technology originally developed for NASA. The technology, called Charged Modified Composite Blend, was developed because in space, every drop of water is precious! Conventional filtration technologies could not meet NASA’s stringent requirements for purity and quality.

The Dolphin’s space age technology benefits you in several ways:

  • Treats a wider range of toxins than any other filter
  • Leaves in enough minerals to make water healthy
  • Treats your hard water problem so you save money
  • Makes your water taste good, so you will drink enough of it

So how much Money does the Dolphin save?

If you add up the costs listed above, a Dolphin Whole Home Filtration system will save you about $1200 – $2200 per year! This estimate does not include the savings you get from drinking the healthy water produced by the Dolphin system because good health is priceless. The health savings you would get by staying properly hydrated with healthy water are probably significant; it is very expensive to treat heart disease and high blood pressure. In short, remember “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Find out more about how much the Dolphin Whole Home filtration system can save you by calling us today at: 877-959-7977

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