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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Molecular hydrogen has been shown to have potential as an novel antioxidant that just may have the potential to treat or even reverse harmful health conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, psoriasis, arthritis, and more. Research is ongoing, and a lot more needs to be done. But many
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How Free Radicals affect your Health

Free radicals and other oxidants are a normal product of your body’s metabolism. But when levels of radicals become excessive, premature aging and degenerative diseases will develop. Ionized alkaline water has antioxidant potential that can reduce levels of harmful radicals.
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Alkaline Water makes Fruit Juices less Acidic

Love fruit juices but can’t drink them because they’re too acidic? Alkaline water can reduce the acidity and increase the antioxidant benefits of citrus beverages. We’ve included some of our favorite recipes for healthy fruit juice beverages to help get you started
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Negatively Charged Water Benefits

Negatively charged water acts as an antioxidant in your body, it can help slow down or prevent premature aging and supports healthy probiotics in the gut. The negative charge in the water that delivers these benefits comes from the ionization process used by a water ionizer to make antioxidant alkaline water
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Why Alkaline Water is the new Mineral Spring Water

There are only a few antioxidant mineral spring waters left on Earth. Thankfully, there’s a way to turn ordinary tap water into antioxidant mineral water. A home water ionizer restores water to it’s natural, primal state: Naturally antioxidant, and rich in essential alkaline minerals. Discover why a home water ionizer is like having your own personal Fountain of Youth – as close as your kitchen sink.
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Which Brand of Bottled Alkaline Water is Antioxidant?

There are only 3 brands of bottled alkaline water that claim to be antioxidant: Real Water, NEO Water, and Willard Water. But are they antioxidant water? The problem is: The antioxidant potential of alkaline water doesn’t keep in bottles – unless you add chemicals to it. Do you really trust your health to water with added (and unknown) chemicals?
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Alkaline Water Triples the Antioxidant Benefit of Vitamin C

Alkaline Water Triples the Antioxidant Benefit of Vitamin C by Life Water Ionizers Alkaline water made by a water ionizer has something that plain water doesn’t – antioxidant potential. But to unleash this potential, you must combine alkaline water with an antioxidant like Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). When combined, alkaline
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The Amazing Antioxidant Power of Purple Food

Green foods, also known as vegetables, have long been known to be an important part of a healthy diet. But when it comes to health and healing, purple may be the new green! It turns out that many purple foods come packed with healthy antioxidants and flavonoids that can make
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Alkaline Water Increases Antioxidant Benefit of Tea: Study

Tea is drank for health purposes all over the world, and many health experts recommend drinking tea for it’s antioxidant benefits which protect the heart. Making tea with alkaline mineral water makes tea taste better, it comes out smoother, more aromatic, and less bitter. Now, research reveals another benefit to
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