Which Brand of Bottled Alkaline Water is Antioxidant?

There are only three brands of bottled alkaline water that claim to have antioxidant potential: Real Water, NEO Water, and Willard Water. The most popular brands of bottled alkaline water Essentia and Aquahydrate, are not antioxidant alkaline waters. Of the the brands that are only one tells you how much antioxidant potential is in their water: Real Water. But can Real Water, or any other brand of bottled alkaline water actually be an antioxidant alkaline water?

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There’s no way of knowing whether any of these bottled alkaline water’s actually have antioxidant potential

Are Bottled Alkaline Antioxidant Waters any Good?

Fact: The antioxidant potential in ionized alkaline water comes from a negative electrostatic charge put in the water by the ionization process. That charge doesn’t keep. It typically degrades after about 24 to 48 hours. After it’s antioxidant charge dissipates the water will still be alkaline. But it won’t have any antioxidant potential. Bottled alkaline water is not a good source of antioxidants.

This is why AquaHydrate, one of the most popular brands of bottled alkaline water doesn’t claim to be an antioxidant. AquaHydrate is made with a water ionizer, just like the alkaline water made by home water ionizers. So when it leaves the factory AquaHydrate probably has some antioxidant potential. But by the time it gets to the store, all that antioxidant potential is gone, leaving just plain alkaline water.

Can Real Water Stabilize the  Antioxidant Potential of Alkaline Water?

Real Water claims to have found a way to stabilize the negative charge of ionized alkaline water using a process they call E2. Real Water doesn’t say how their E2 process stabilizes the electron charge. But stabilizing an electrostatic charge usually involves adding chemicals that can hold an electron charge.

Real Water doesn’t say how their E2 process stabilizes the antioxidant potential of alkaline water, and that raises a red flag: What are they putting in the water that they’re not willing to tell you about?

Cost of Bottled Alkaline Antioxidant Water Compared to a Water Ionizer

Which ever brand of bottled alkaline antioxidant water you choose, they all have one thing in common: Bottled alkaline antioxidant water is very expensive. A case of Real Water or Neo Water is about $39.95. Willard water is a concentrate that costs $22 a bottle.

If you wanted to drink 2 liters per day of alkaline antioxidant water, you would need to consume about 2 bottles of Real Water or NEO water. That would cost you about $80 per month. For a year’s supply, you’d spend about $960.

For less than a 2 year supply of bottled alkaline antioxidant water you could buy a Life Ionizer M5. You can even finance a Life Ionizer for less per month than you’d pay for bottled alkaline antioxidant water. Once you own the machine, it costs just pennies per gallon to make all the alkaline antioxidant water you want.

Life Ionizers has at least twice the Antioxidant Potential of Real Water

The antioxidant potential of the alkaline water made by a Life Ionizer is much higher than that of bottled alkaline antioxidant waters. Real Water claims that their water has an antioxidant ORP of as high as -250 mV. A Life Ionizer M5 makes antioxidant alkaline water with an ORP of up to -500 – twice the antioxidant power of Real Water!  And the M9’s, M11’s and M13 Life Ionizers can reach over -880 ORP!

Antioxidant alkaline water by Life Ionizers is naturally antioxidant because you drink it fresh from the machine when you make it. It’s just like drinking natural alkaline water fresh from a mountain spring. Real Water has to “stabilize” their antioxidant charge by adding something to make it keep. Do you really want to trust your health to an unknown “stabilizing process”?

Dangerous Chemicals may be Present in Bottled Antioxidant Alkaline Water

Another reason you may want avoid bottled alkaline antioxidant water is that it comes in plastic bottles. This means that you are being exposed to BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals that the water absorbs from the bottle.

Life Ionizers uses 100% BPA free materials in the construction of our water ionizers. There are no harmful chemical residues like you get in bottled water. Life also uses multi-stage filtration with custom-configured pre-filtration to ensure the quality of your water. Why risk your health with water from plastic bottles when you can get 100% BPA free water from a Life Ionizer?

Better, healthier water at significant savings! Call us at 877-959-7977 and enjoy the benefits of alkaline antioxidant water in your home!

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