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Why Alkaline Water is the new Mineral Spring Water

Why Alkaline Water is the new Mineral Spring Water by Life Water Ionizers

For centuries, people have sought out natural antioxidant mineral spring waters like Nordeneau in Germany, Zam Zam in Saudi Arabia, and Hita Tenryosui in Japan for their legendary healing powers. These rare, mineral antioxidant springs have been credited with healing illnesses and with breaking the grip of aging…. for good reason: They have natural antioxidant potential that other mineral waters don’t. But today, these legendary healing waters are becoming scarce, they’re drying up along with our rapidly warming planet.

Why Alkaline Water is the new Mineral Spring Water

Alkaline water from a water ionizer has the same healthy healing properties as naturally antioxidant spring water

If you can’t afford to travel to those legendary springs, you have another option. Home water ionizers make ionized alkaline mineral water with the same or better legendary healing qualities of natural antioxidant mineral spring water:

  • High Negative Antioxidant ORP
  • Rich in Alkaline Mineral Hydrates
  • Strong, Acid-Fighting Alkalinity
  • Crisp, Refreshing Taste

Why You Can’t Find Antioxidant Mineral Spring Water in Stores

In stores, you can find bottled alkaline water for about $2 – $3 a liter bottle – a gallon has about 4 liters so that is much more than you pay for a gallon of gas!. But that expensive bottled water is NOT antioxidant. It has none of the age-fighting healthy qualities of antioxidant mineral spring water – even if it was bottled from an antioxidant mineral spring! Why? Because the antioxidant benefit of antioxidant mineral spring water doesn’t keep in bottles. Even if you bottle it right away, the antioxidant potential of the water dissipates in about 24 hours. That happens because the conditions inside of a plastic bottle are not the same as the conditions deep underground where the water came from.

The antioxidant potential of alkaline mineral water is broken down by heat, air, and sunlight. For practical purposes, there’s no way to stop it from happening. The cost of preserving the antioxidant potential of mineral spring water would be prohibitively high, so bottlers don’t even try.

Alkaline Water Ionizers Restore Water’s Antioxidant Potential

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is the new mineral spring water because water ionizers restore the antioxidant potential of water that is lost to heat, air, and sunlight. In fact, ionized alkaline mineral water from a water ionizer may be even healthier than natural spring water because sadly, some of the few precious remaining antioxidant mineral springs have been contaminated by human activity.

The Best Alkaline Mineral Water has High Antioxidant Potential

Get the right ionizer, and it’s the next best thing to having your own personal Fountain of Youth, connected right to your kitchen sink. It’s no wonder that Ponce De Leon searched for years for the legendary Fountain of Youth, in his time the only hope that people had for breaking the spell of aging was antioxidant mineral spring water. It was no stretch of the imagination at all back then for people to believe that their life and health could be enhanced and preserved by drinking the right kind of water. Clearly, the benefit of antioxidant alkaline water is a fact that has withstood the test of time.

Ionized alkaline water made by a water ionizer has it’s highest antioxidant potential when it is fresh from the ionizer – just like natural antioxidant spring water has it’s highest antioxidant benefit when it is fresh from the ground. The best water ionizers are the machines that put the highest antioxidant benefit possible into alkaline mineral water that has the right pH balance for daily drinking, which is a pH range of 9 – 10.

Life Ionizers are designed to make alkaline water with the highest possible antioxidant potential. Life has designed new chambers and larger GRID Plates powered by an new advanced MAX POWER SMPS Power System.  This allows the new 2015 Life Ionizers to generate the highest -ORP (antioxidant potential) at a drinkable pH level.  No competing brand of water ionizer can match Life’s antioxidant power – in fact, we guarantee it because:

New for 2015! Life Ionizers redesigned our ionizers for the highest antioxidant potential possible:

  • Ultra efficient Heavy Duty GRID Plates –
  • More efficient than any other type of plate for optimum antioxidant potential
  • MAX Coat: 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium.
  • More power – Adjustable up to 800 Watts (M13 Model)
  • Largest plate size ever – More plate surface area = higher antioxidant potential

You’ll get the highest antioxidant potential possible from every pH balanced glass of antioxidant alkaline mineral water you drink from your Life Ionizer.- we guarantee it.

Yes, we can put your own personal Fountain of Youth in your home for less than you’d pay for bottled alkaline water! Call us today at 877-959-7977 the water that puts you back in charge of your health

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