The Age-Fighting Antioxidant Potential of Alkaline Water

The Age-Fighting Antioxidant Potential of Alkaline Water by Life Water Ionizers

Imagine what it would feel like if you found the Fountain of Youth: You’d have enough energy to get through the day. Maybe you’d dust off that old bicycle in the garage and go for a ride, or go dancing with your spouse instead of sitting home on a Friday night.

The Age-Fighting Antioxidant Potential of Alkaline Water

Are alkaline water ionizers the new Fountain of Youth?

Drinking that legendary water would make you feel more alive. Is the Fountain of Youth just a legend? Or is there possibly something to it? For centuries, people have flocked to a small handful of spring water sources that are renowned for their anti-aging potential such as Nordenau in Germany, Hita Tenisoryu in Japan, and Zam Zam in Saudi Arabia. What do these special waters have in common? They all are all alkaline waters with antioxidant potential.

Does all alkaline water have antioxidant potential?

No. Any water with a pH of greater than 7 is alkaline water. Your tap water probably has a pH of over 7, so it is alkaline water, but it doesn’t have antioxidant potential. Likewise, most of the bottled alkaline water you find in stores also does not have antioxidant potential. How do you know whether or not the alkaline water you’re drinking has antioxidant potential? You need a meter called an ORP meter. ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. The meter measure the potential of alkaline water to resist a chemical reaction called oxidation.

Oxidation in the body happens when electrons are stripped from DNA and tissues by some foreign molecule, atom, or ion. When that happens, the tissues or DNA that the electrons were taken from is damaged or destroyed. When you are young, your body can handle oxidation, it repairs the damaged tissues or DNA. But as you age, your body’s ability to repair the damage caused by oxidation is diminished, so the damage piles up. That damage results in premature aging. In particular, oxidation shortens protein caps on the end of DNA strands called telomeres. Those DNA caps protect your DNA from oxidation. The key to extending your life, youth, and vitality lies in protecting those DNA telomere caps.

Oxidation Reduction Potential: Age-Fighting Protection for tissues and DNA

Doctors and health experts recommend a diet rich in antioxidants to protect tissues and DNA from oxidation damage. In your body, antioxidants work by sacrificing themselves to oxidants, thereby sparing your tissues and DNA from oxidative damage. When an oxidant is neutralized by an antioxidant, it’s potential to damage tissues and DNA has been reduced – that’s why the ability of food or alkaline water to act as an antioxidant is a called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Anything that has Oxidation Reduction Potential has the potential to prevent damage to your tissues and DNA by reducing the potential of oxidants to do harm.

Oxidation Reduction Potential: The science

Free radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are oxidants. They are made of atoms, molecules, or ions that are missing some electrons, which makes them chemically unstable. One of the laws of Chemistry, called Le Chatelier’s Principle states that any substance is going to seek equilibrium – a state where the number of positively charged particles (protons)  is balanced by the number negatively charged particles (electrons). Oxidants are unbalanced, they have too many protons, and not enough electrons to be stable. To achieve stability, they must take electrons from some other substance. In your body, that other substance is your tissues and DNA.

Antioxidants have excess electrons. To become stable, they have to give some of their electrons away. In your body, they give them away to oxidants in a reaction called The Redox Reaction. The redox reaction measures the transfer of electrons from antioxidants to oxidants. When the reaction occurs, the damaging oxidation potential of oxidants is reduced or eliminated. Because of this, the ability of an antioxidant to reduce oxidation is measured as the amount of excess electrons that the antioxidant has to donate to the oxidants.

Because Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) measures the amount of excess electrons that an antioxidant has, it is measured as electrical voltage. Antioxidants have a negative electrical charge, oxidants have a positive electrical charge.

Measurement: ORP is linear, pH is algorithmic

The scale that ORP is measured on is different than the scale that pH is measured on. pH is a logarithmic scale. This means that an increase of 1 pH is a 10 times increase in alkalinity, a 2 pH increase is a 100 times increase in alkalinity, an increase of 3 pH is a 1,000 times increase in alkalinity and so on.

On the other hand ORP is measured on a linear scale. So an increase from -100 ORP to -300 ORP is a two times increase in antioxidant potential. An increase from -100 ORP to -400 ORP is an three times increase of antioxidant potential. An increase from -600 ORP to -900 ORP is a 50% increase in antioxidant potential.

Alkaline water with antioxidant potential

For alkaline water to have antioxidant potential, it must have a negative electrical charge, or a negative ORP. The higher that negative ORP, the more potential the alkaline water has to act as an antioxidant. For example, the Life Ionizers M 13 has an antioxidant ORP potential of up to -900 millivolts. The Kangen Water machine has an antioxidant potential of up to -600 millivolts. This means that the Life M 13 can put 50% more antioxidant potential into alkaline water than the Kangen Water machine can. Simply put, alkaline water from the Life M 13 has the potential to neutralize 50% more oxidation in your body than Kangen Water can.

The Life Ionizers Highest Antioxidant Potential Guarantee

The more antioxidant potential your alkaline water has, the better. That’s why Life Ionizers has invested years of research into building alkaline water ionizers that put the highest possible antioxidant potential into alkaline water that is pH-balanced for optimal health. In fact, we guarantee that every glass of pH balanced alkaline water you drink from your Life Ionizer will have the highest age-fighting antioxidant potential possible. With a Life Ionizer, you get more age-fighting antioxidant potential – guaranteed – it’s that simple.

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