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Best Hydrogen Water Machine 2018

Hydrogen water is exploding in popularity, and thanks to that, there are now a plethora of new

Life Ionizers MXL-15: The Best Hydrogen Water Machine 2018

machines that claim to generate molecular hydrogen in drinking water. Thankfully, finding the best hydrogen water machine is easy. The best machine has a lot of power, because more power equals more hydrogen, and it’s the machine that beats the #1 problem that wrecks hydrogen machines – hard water scale build up. That machine is the 2018 Life Ionizers MXL-15 with Life’s Hydrogen XL technology.

Life Ionizers Guarantees: The MXL-15 will put more hydrogen in your glass than any other brand of water ionizer or your money back!

If you drink hydrogen water, you’d better drink it fast

The problem with hydrogen is that it just won’t stay in your glass very long. There are two reasons that you lose hydrogen quickly:

    • Hydrogen doesn’t dissolve in water very well
  • Hydrogen rises, so once it’s out of the water, it floats away

You can dissolve about 0.0007 mg/L hydrogen in water, any more hydrogen and it will form bubbles and then simply float away. Because of that, you need to drink your glass of hydrogen water quickly, and for best results, you need a machine that fills your glass quickly. The longer you wait for your glass to fill, the more hydrogen ends up floating away.

life-ionizer-reviews-dr-don-colbertThe Life MXL-15 is the best hydrogen water machine because it fills your glass quickly. It runs up to 6 liters per minute, depending on your water pressure, so an 8 to 16 ounce glass is filled in seconds. Because the MXL-15 can crank out up to 800 watts of power, it can generate a lot of hydrogen in those few seconds it takes to fill your glass.

Test Results: Using the H2 Blue test kit, the MXL-15 produces 3.1 ppm hydrogen. That is triple what our nearest competitor Alkaviva claims. They only claim 1.0 – 1.1 ppm H2.

For best results, pour your hydrogen water like a beer

When you pour a beer, you hold your glass at an angle and hold the edge of the glass as close to the outlet of the tap as possible. You do this to minimize the bubbles that form a foam on top of the beer.

You want to use that same strategy when filling your glass with hydrogen water. You want the water to flow into the glass smoothly, with a minimum of turbulence, so you get fewer bubbles of hydrogen. By minimizing the turbulence of the water as it flows into your glass, you’ll keep as much of the hydrogen in the water as you possibly can.

Scale build-up: The #1 enemy of a hydrogen water machine

There are several companies that sell hydrogen water machines, and all of them have the same problem: They quickly become clogged with hard water scale build up. It coats the machine’s plates, which then prevents the machine from making any hydrogen. Oftentimes, these machines become clogged so quickly that they stop producing hydrogen a month or less after they were purchased! The key to keeping a hydrogen water machine running at peak efficiency is to stop that scale build up.

Why Life’s Hydrogen XL technology makes the MXL-15 the best hydrogen water machine

Life Ionizers developed our new Hydrogen XL technology to overcome the problem of scale build-up and to maximize the rate at which our machines produce hydrogen. It’s why our M series ionizers are now MXL series ionizers because we added our Hydrogen XL technology to our entire line of water ionizer machines. Life’s Hydrogen XL technology has four parts:

    • Powerful SMPS technology – Pushes maximum power to the plates
    • Life’s large GRID plates – maximum edge-surface area for maximum hydrogen production
    • Clean-Tek technology – Stops scale from sticking to the plates
  • RADC technology – Keeps the plates clean for optimum operating efficiency

Here’s why Life’s Hydrogen XL technology makes our hydrogen machine better

SMPS technology: It takes a lot of power to split water molecules, and that’s what you have to do to get hydrogen from water. Life’s MXL-15 can put out up to 800 watts of power, making it the most powerful water ionizer machine sold.

GRID plates: Electricity likes to travel along edges, rather than flat surfaces. GRID plates have loads of edges which enables the optimum transfer of energy into water. It’s where that energy transfer happens that the hydrogen is actually made. More edges = more hydrogen.

The plates in a hydrogen machine have to be tough because they have to take a lot of power. Many cheap hydrogen water machines fail in their first year of service for that very reason. GRID plates are drop-forged, that makes them a lot tougher than the cast plates that are used in lesser machines.

Clean-Tek technology: Life’s revolutionary Clean-Tek technology is what makes our Hydrogen XL technology possible. It works to prevent scale from building up on the machine’s plates. By preventing scale build-up, the plates are maintained at peak efficiency, so you get water that’s rich in molecular hydrogen, every time you fill your glass. Our machines will not foul up like all those other hydrogen machines that don’t have Clean-Tek technology.

RADC technology: Our second line of defense against scale build-up is our Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC) technology. It works to clear any scale deposits that try to stick to your machine’s plates. Clean-Tek and RADC work together to keep your machine free of scale build up, and working at maximum efficiency.

Bonus: Two healthy waters in one! Twice the benefits

There’s one more reason why Life’s MXL-15 is the best hydrogen water machine made: It’s really two machines in one! It makes your water hydrogen-rich, and it makes it into antioxidant alkaline water at the same time! You get the benefits of both: Molecular hydrogen and antioxidant alkaline water in every glass you drink. No other company guarantees that you get the highest amount of molecular hydrogen AND the highest antioxidant potential alkaline water at drinkable pH levels, in every glass you drink. That’s what makes Life Ionizers #1 in hydrogen water machines.

Get the benefits of molecular hydrogen AND antioxidant alkaline water. Call us at 877-959-7977 and get ready for a healthy new you!

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