4 Mistakes New Alkaline Water Drinkers Make

You may have just discovered alkaline water, and are anxious to take advantage of the health benefits it provides.

4 mistakes new alkaline water drinkers make

Get the benefits of alkaline water by avoiding these common mistakes

But before you do, take a moment to consider these 4 common mistakes that people new to it make. For example, new  drinkers often think that all alkaline water is the same. That’s not the case. For example, bottled alkaline water doesn’t have any antioxidant potential. Many people buy bottled alkaline water thinking that it does, only to wind up disappointed.

Buying bottled alkaline water

Bottled alkaline water is expensive, at $2 – $3 for a 16 ounce bottle. It costs more than a gallon of gas, about $16 – $24 per gallon! That is a huge waste of money, on water that has no antioxidant potential.  If you want water with lots of antioxidant potential and high quality alkaline mineral hydrates, you should by a water ionizer. A water ionizer ends up being much cheaper than bottled water in the long run, and you get alkaline water loaded with antioxidant potential plus the highly absorb-able alkaline minerals.

Falling for alkaline water scams

Another mistake that people new to alkaline water make is to fall for an alkaline water scam. For example, some water ionizers are sold through multi-level marketing, which greatly inflates the price of the machine. Like any product, you save money by purchasing a water ionizer  directly from the company that made it.

Another common scam is the artificial alkaline water scam. This scam is used to scare people into buying overpriced filters that are claimed to make ‘natural’ alkalized water by some magical means. Water is made artificially alkaline by adding slaked lime to it, water ionizers don’t add slaked lime to water. In fact, public water utilities are the ones making water artificially alkaline by adding slaked lime to it – for a very good reason. The EPA requires drinking water to have a pH of at least 6.5 because if its pH is too low, it will corrode pipes. Public water utilities have been making water artificially alkaline since the 1880’s. It’s perfectly safe, in fact if you live on the East Coast of the US, your tap water was probably made artificially alkaline by your local water utility.

Overdoing it

New  drinkers are recommended to start drinking level 1 water from their water ionizers. This is because it is so effective at detoxification, drinking  it can trigger the release of toxins stored in the body. If a new drinker overdoes it, say by starting out at level 4, they may detox their system very quickly! If that happens, they may feel moderate flu-like symptoms.

New drinkers should drink level 1 water for the first two weeks, and then move up to level 2.

Not soaking produce in alkaline water

Many people drink alkaline water to help their bodies detox. But oftentimes new drinkers don’t realize that they can avoid toxins on their produce in the first place. Simply soak produce for about 20 minutes before preparing it. Alkaline water neutralizes pesticide and herbicide residues, because both are acidic.

You want to use level 4 water, fill a bowl, and let your produce soak for about 20 minutes. The water in the bowl will be very dirty afterwards, so flush your produce in fresh water. Once you see how dirty that water gets, you’ll never miss rinsing your produce again.

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