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Life Ionizer MXL13 vs. Kangen’s K8 Water Ionizer Review

Life Ionizers M-13 vs. Kangen K8 Water Ionizers Review

New 2018 models Life Ionizers and Enagic Kangen have new top-of-the-line model water ionizers. The Life Ionizers Next Generation M-13 is Life’s one of the most powerful home water ionizer ever made. It makes antioxidant alkaline water rich in molecular hydrogen. The Kangen K8 makes about a quarter of the molecular hydrogen the MXL-13 makes. The MXL-13 also gives you nearly twice the antioxidant potential that the K8 does.

The Kangen K8, an eight plate ionizer that Enagic says is a “significant step forward” for the Kangen Water machine line. The Life MXL-13 comes equipped with Life’s new Hydrogen WL technology. This water ionizer review is a side-by-side, apples-to-apples comparison of the Life M13 versus the Enagic Kangen K8.

Life Ionizers guarantees: You’ll get the most molecular hydrogen in your glass from a Life Ionizer than you’ll get from any other brand of hydrogen water machine.

Life Ionizer M13 vs. Kangen's K8 Water Ionizer

Better price, better water, better warranty. Life Ionizers has it all over Kangen

What’s New: Life MXL-13 vs. Kangen 8

Kangen K8 Enagic says that the K8 is a totally new water ionizer with “plug and play” features that make it easy to use, but is it? The K8 does have a new modern look, and the controls look a lot less clunky than older Enagic models. But the only plug-and-play feature on the K8 is it’s automatic filter reset. Otherwise the K8 operates much like older Enagic models.

The K8 has a 230 watt transformer power supply – the same as the old SD-501. It also re-uses the filter from the old kangen machine, and like the older Enagic models, the K8’s filter can’t remove heavy metals or salt from your water supply. The pH and ORP delivered by the K8 are exactly the same as the older Leveluk model. There is really not much about the K8 that’s new or improved. The biggest difference between the K8 and older Enagic models is the price: At $4,980 the K8 is $1,000 more expensive than the Leveluk SD-501, and over $1,000 more expensive than the MXL-13.

Life Ionizers Next Generation MXL 13 The Life MXL 13 is the worlds first 13 plate home water ionizer, and it’s also the world’s most powerful home water ionizer. The MXL 13 has larger water conduits, and a newly redesigned ionization chamber that allows a much higher flow rate than you get from ordinary water ionizers. The MXL-13 is equipped with Life’s new Molecular Hydrogen XL technology – You get more molecular hydrogen from Life Ionizers than from any other brand of water ionizer – we guarantee it

The MXL-13 flows at over 6 liters of water per minute – the highest flow rate of any home water ionizer. That high flow rate means you can fill a gallon container in a short time.  It’s SMPS power system cranks out up to 800 watts of power. All that power enables the MXL-13 to reach a pH of over 12, and an antioxidant ORP of over -900. That’s the highest pH and ORP you can get from a home water ionizer. The best new feature of the MXL-13 is the price, at $3,497 it’s $1,483 less than the Kangen K8. In fact, you can even order the under-counter M-13, and still save $983 over the cost of the K8.  Remember your results will be affected by your source water.

Save even more: Life Ionizers MXL9

You could save even more money by choosing the Life Ionizers M9 over the Kangen K8. The M9 is a nine-plate ionizer, so it has one more plate than the Kangen machine, and at 504 watts, it has a lot more power. The M9 costs $2,597, which is $2,417 less than the Kangen K8. You save enough over the cost of a Kangen 8 when You buy an MXL9 to buy a Life MXL7 water ionizer for someone you love and still have money left over! The MXL-9 is also equipped with Life’s Hydrogen XL technology, so you get antioxidant alkaline water that is rich in molecular hydrogen!

Kangen K8 compared to Life Ionizers M-13

Price: At $3,497 the Life MXL-13 is $1,447 cheaper than the Kangen K8 is, which costs $4980. Even with the optional faucet kit – so you can use it under the counter – the MXL-13 is still cheaper than the Kangen K8.

Molecular Hydrogen: Life Ionizers with Hydrogen XL technology guarantees that you’ll get more molecular hydrogen than from any other brand. Enagic doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get molecular hydrogen from the K8

pH and ORP: The Kangen K8 can reach a pH of 9.5, with an antioxidant ORP of just over -600. The Life M-13 can reach a pH of over 12, with an antioxidant ORP of over -900.  This means the M-13 can make alkaline water that is 500 times more alkaline than the K8, with 50% higher antioxidant ORP power.

Flow Rate: The Life MXL-13 and the Kangen 8 both have a flow rate of about 6 – 7 liters per minute.

Filtration: Life water ionizers have dual internal filters. It also comes with a custom-configured pre-filter system that targets pollutants found in your local water supply – this is determined when the Life technicians analyze your local municipal Water Report. The Kangen K8 comes with only one filter, and it can’t filter salts or heavy metals in your water. Life Ionizers makes sure you have the right filters to solve your water quality problems, Enagic doesn’t.

Warranty: You get a lifetime guarantee on parts and labor with the Life MXL-13. The Kangen K8 only has a 5 year warranty, which may be voided by Enagic if you have hard water. If you do have hard water, Life Ionizers supplies you with the right filters to condition it for use in your water ionizer.

Under counter use: The Life MXL-13 is a convertable water ionizer – this means you can use it on the countertop, or put it under the sink with Life’s optional stainless steel faucet kit. If you buy a Life MXL-13 as a countertop unit, and later decide you’d like it under the sink, no problem! Just order the faucet kit, and your Life Ionizer is easily switched over to under counter use.

The Kangen K8 is countertop only, you can’t use it under counter. The only undercounter machine available from Enagic is the SD-501U. If you want the benefit of being able to convert your ionizer to under counter use, Life Ionizers is your only choice.

Why you won’t see Enagic compare the K8 to Life Ionizers M-Series

If you visit websites that promote Enagic Kangen water ionizers, you’ll notice that they compare their Kangen Water machine to the Life Ionizers 7600 – an old model Life Ionizers that is has been out of production for many years! Why won’t Enagic compare their ionizers to the Life Ionizer MXL-Series? Because Enagic knows that Life Ionizers has better technology, superior filtration, more power, and better warranties. For that reason, Enagic will only compare their ionizers to the old 7600 model Life Ionizers and not even to our old 9000 series.

Save $1,483 and get a better water ionizer. Call us today at 877-959-7977 and put the antioxidant power of alkaline water to work for you.

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