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Alkaline water system for scientists and doctors

Clinical Alkaline Water System  for Doctors and Scientists

Alkaline water is used in clinical settings for many reasons. Doctors use it in combination with other treatments in their practice to improve and maintain the health of their patients. Scientists use it in the laboratory to study its effects on everything from microscopic organisms to humans. The water produced in these settings often must adhere to strict standards:

  • Must have specific amounts of minerals
  • Must be a specific pH
  • Must meet minimum –ORP requirements (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
  • Must be free of contamination
  • Must not be contaminated with bacteria, cysts, and viruses

Life Ionizers® makes ionized water systems that are able to meet the stringent requirements of Doctors and researchers in the clinical setting. Life’s medical grade systems use a combination of technologies to ensure strict alkaline water quality guidelines are met:

  • Water testing
  • Pre-filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis Purification
  • UV Light Disinfection
  • Controlled Remineralization
  • Precise Electrodialytic Ionization

How Our Medical-Grade Alkaline Water Ionizer System Works

Water Testing – To make sure the most efficient filtration technologies are used, the source water must be tested to find out exactly what is in it. Testing must continue while the system is used in order to compensate for changes in water quality

Pre-filtration – Source water problems identified through testing will be treated by Life’s water experts who will configure a pre-filter to ensure the water is ready for the next step.

Reverse Osmosis Purification – The water is made pure at this stage – over 99% of all contaminants are removed by Life’s Reverse Osmosis technology.

UV Light Filtration – In order to ensure that the water is free of bacteria, viruses, and cysts, it is treated with UV Light. This treatment system is commonly used in laboratories and hospitals to prevent infectious contamination.

Controlled Remineralization – Life Ionizers® makes custom remineralizing cartridges so a specific blend of minerals can be provided to health professionals and researchers. This is valuable to scientists and Doctors who want to test the effects of specific minerals in water, or for clinics that need particular minerals in their water to treat specific conditions.

Precise Electrodialytic Ionization – Life Ionizers® uses a precision SMPS power supply to ionize and alkalize the mineral water produced in the previous step. The SMPS power supply is fully adjustable so that precise pH and –ORP levels can be obtained. The ionizer plates used in Life Ionizers® are plated to a thickness of .75 mm with 99.9% pure platinum in order to guarantee the alkaline water produced meets the highest standards of purity. This system can produce alkaline water with an 11+ pH, and an –ORP level as high as -813 mV!

Medical Alkaline Water Ionizer System Maintenance

Filter replacement maintenance schedules must be followed; in addition, the water used, and the water produced should be tested regularly to detect changes in quality. A medical alkaline water system needs to be maintained regularly to ensure that the systems output remains consistent.

You must rigorously maintain your medical alkaline water Ionizer system; treat it like a precision scientific instrument, because it is! Life Ionizers™ only guarantees the quality of your system with proper maintenance.

Is the Medical Alkaline Water System FDA Approved?

The FDA has not studied alkaline water for medical uses, so it has not recognized or tested any alkaline water systems for medical uses. In short, there are no FDA approved systems. The Korean FDA does recognize alkaline water for medical uses, and Life Ionizers™ water ionizers are certified by the Korean FDA as medical devices.

How can I get more Information?

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