Life Ionizers on Food Made Simple with Kelly Emberg

Kelly Emberg on Food Made Simple with Life Ionizers

Life Ionizers was recently featured on Food Made Simple, a radio show hosted by Kelly Emberg, The Model Gardener.  Adam Marshall from Life Ionizers was interviewed by Kelly and explained the differences between ionized water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water, and the Brita Pitcher. The water you drink makes a big difference in your health, as Kelly was surprised to discover.

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Adam Marshall, is the  Business Development Manager and Senior Water Expert for Life Ionizers. He has been advising Life Ionizers customers on water quality issues and filtration solutions for the past seven years.

Kelly Emberg is a former model who appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and as a Revlon Cover Girl. After her modeling career, Kelly discovered the amazing ways that growing your own food benefits both mind and body. Kelly became an avid gardener and was inspired to help others discover the joys and health benefits of gardening. Kelly’s show, The Model Gardener is broadcast online at iHeart radio.

Kelly and Adam discussed many of the concerns that consumers have today about bottled water and tap water. Both sources of water have problems, but tap water turns out to be the better of the two. Adam shared with Kelly some of the most effective filtration strategies that Life Ionizers has used to make tap water safer, and healthy to drink.

What’s in your water?

It can be very hard to tell what is actually in your water. Whether it’s an expensive bottled water that turns out to be nothing more than filtered tap water, or hidden contaminants in your tap water, it’s clear that there is much that we don’t know about water. What we do know is that many of these hidden contaminants can be harmful to your health.

One way to find out what is in your tap water so that you can choose the right way to treat it is to see what toxins and contaminants were reported by your local water authority. Life Ionizers will procure a copy of your local water quality report and analyze it for free.  They will then make recommendations on what type of filter system is best for your water.

Treated tap water your best bet

Many people think bottled water is a safer alternative to tap water, but it’s not. Bottled water isn’t as regulated as tap water, and many bottled water companies aren’t very transparent about what kinds of substances might be found in their water. Some bottled waters, filtered by reverse osmosis, lack minerals. That kind of water can actually steal minerals from your body.

Did you know? It takes two bottles of water to make the plastic needed for one bottle of water.

Because of all the treatments necessary to make water “safe” to drink, water isn’t in its natural state when you get it from a bottle or your tap. Water can even be over processed by adding chemicals like fluoride.

Fact: Water softener systems don’t filter out contaminants from your water. What they actually do is add salt to your water. If you have too much sodium in your diet, drinking softened water is bad for your health and can lead to blood pressure problems.

Life Ionizers water filtration solutions

What type of filtration system should you get? That’s a tough question to answer because everyone’s water quality is different. This is why Life Ionizers starts by reviewing your local water quality report before advising you on what kind of system to buy!

Water systems for your home

    • Whole home filters

    • Reverse Osmosis

    • Drinking water filters

    • Water ionizers

  • Filter pitchers

The difference between one filtration system and another comes down to the quality of water you get. Some systems are better for others when it comes to your health. Filtering your water is a wise idea, but that only gives you half of the benefit that you can get from water. Water ionizers are unique in that they both filter your water and raise its pH to healthy levels. In fact, a water ionizer is the only system that goes beyond filtration to actually make water more healthy.

What is ionized water?

Kelly Emberg on Food Made Simple with Life Ionizers

Alkaline water has antioxidant properties that hydrogen water doesn’t

To better explain water ionizers, Adam explained that ionizers make two different kinds of water, ionized alkaline water, and ionized acidic water. Alkaline water contains high amounts of essential mineral ions: calcium, magnesium and potassium, key electrolytes that help hydrate the body. The ions in alkaline water are also responsible for its antioxidant potential.

You can buy alkaline water in a bottle, but it’s not the same as alkaline water ionized by a water ionizer. Alkaline water made by a water ionizer typically has a higher pH than bottled alkaline water because it has a higher mineral concentration. Many bottled waters actually remove the alkaline ions from water which can make it acidic.

Acidity in the body

One of the main reasons people choose to add alkaline water to their diet, is the build up of acidity in the body. Modern acidic diets and over consumption of sugary sodas is a major factor. Acidity in the body has been linked to the progression of many diseases. Alkaline water is part of an alkaline diet, which has been shown to improve health by combating acidity in the body.

You can mistake hunger for thirst

You can mistake hunger for thirst, and that many people do. Many health experts believe that a chronically dehydrated person’s thirst impulse may not work properly, leading them to feel hunger and eat when they would be better off drinking water.

Here’s a simple test that you can do to find out how well your body absorbs the water you’re drinking. First thing in the morning, after going to the bathroom, drink some water and see how long it is until you have to go to the bathroom. That will show you how long it takes for your body to process water. For most people it takes about two and half hours.

Should you drink reverse osmosis or distilled water?

Reverse osmosis removes all impurities from water, just like distilling water does. Both of these filtration methods produce pure water. But is pure water good for you? No, pure water lacks minerals, drinking pure water long term can actually deplete your body of minerals. You should only drink pure water under the supervision of a health professional for short term detoxification regimens.

What about the Brita Pitcher?

The Brita Pitcher is a basic filter pitcher, it only reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, but doesn’t filter other contaminants. Adam pointed out that you can get Life Ionizers’ Pitcher  of Life, which filters and alkalizes water. For anybody who wants to try alkaline water, the Pitcher of Life is a great way to go. It costs less than $50 and makes alkaline water that’s better than a Brita.

Listen to Kelly Emberg on Food Made Simple with Life Ionizers. Kelly Emberg, the Model Gardener on iHeart radio for gardening and food tips that can make a big difference in your health.

The right kind of water lets you take charge of your health. Call us today at 855 790-8121 for a free personalized consultation, and find out what healthy water can do for you!

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